DevaCurl: This cult curly hair brand is finally coming to the UK

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You can stop stockpiling on trips to the US and you can cut the risky hauls from unauthorised Amazon sellers: DevaCurl is finally coming to the UK via FeelUnique. Here, we share the exclusive scoop on the launch, and explain why everyone and anyone with curls needs to know about it.

One (of the many) downside(s) of Instagram is its ability to induce serious FOMO. I don’t mean fear of missing out on parties you’re not invited to. Oh no, I relish in staying in. But given that the social media platform provides us with a full view of the US beauty scene, I get real pangs of desperation when I find out about incredible brands that are available there, but are nowhere to be seen over here in the UK.

Finally, the jealousy surrounding one such unavailable brand is about to be over: DevaCurl, the US’ number one prestige curly hair brand (and the American brand I yearn for the most) is FINALLY hitting the UK via FeelUnique in January 2020.

Like the Glossier-heads and Drunk Elephant-enthusiasts that have come before, British DevaCurl fanatics have petitioned for a UK stockist for years. In fact, its Instagram account has received over 6k comments and DMs from desperate British consumers requesting its arrival in the past year alone. And while FeelUnique is the first authorised retailer the brand has partnered with in the UK, there’s many, many unauthorised Amazon and eBay sellers shipping DevaCurl to desperate Brits — a risky route we wouldn’t advise.

So what is it about the brand that has enabled it to build such an eager fan base over here?

Well, since its inception in the 90s, the brand has dedicated itself to providing its customers with the means and knowledge to embrace – and get the most out of – their naturally curly hair. It has spent the past two decades developing some of the most incredible formulas to glaze ringlets in shine, properly nourish coils and kinks and add bounce to deflated curls. 

And the brand was also one of the forerunners in the ‘no-poo’ movement, encouraging those with curly hair to skip shampoo and to wash with more nourishing cleansing conditioners. 

The way DevaCurl sees it, every curl is completely unique and so every head of curls requires a bespoke approach. The brand is all about helping you find your formula of products and techniques to boost, bolster and care for curls. Just look to its Instagram feed: you’ll find reams of curly-haired fans sharing their tips and advice for other curl-owners to learn from.

Given that I have curly hair myself, and I am always on the hunt for products that will make them sturdier, bouncier and glossier, you can imagine why this is one launch that has particularly piqued my interest. 


I’m particularly excited to get my hands on the DevaFuser, a green hand-shaped attachment for the end of a hairdryer that provides 360 degree airflow, helping to dry curls faster and more evenly – vital if you want curls that hold up.

I love a mousse, so I’ll also be trying the FrizzFree Volumizing Foam and the Styling Cream.


Stylist’s junior beauty writer Ava Welsing-Kitcher, a long-time devotee who keeps a stock of DevaCurl under her bed, is looking forward to being able to get hold of SuperStretch, a coconut-oil gel/cream hybrid, more easily.

“Many products claim to stretch your curls and ultimately defy that dreaded “shrinkage”, but in reality, just disappointingly (and greasily) weigh them down. This is not one of those products,” she explains. “A small creamy dollop spreads over every one of my curls and really seems to feed them, while elongating and fluffing them at the same time. Up until now, I’ve had to coerce people into bringing a tub or three back from their travels – so you can imagine how utterly ecstatic I am that it’ll be readily available with no middle man.”

In short, the UK launch of DevaCurl is vital beauty knowledge for anyone with curly hair.

Want to know the exact moment DevaCurl hits FeelUnique? The retailer has set up a waiting list right here.

Images: courtesy of DevaCurl.

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