5 striking Halloween looks you can recreate using your make-up bag

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We’d all love an incredible, jaw-dropping Halloween outfit, but often we just don’t have the time (or, let’s face it, the skill) and come 31 October we’re staring at green eyeshadow and several liquid eyeliners thinking, “I must be able to do something with this.”

Well, the good news is that you definitely can.

Pinterest’s 2017 Halloween Report has revealed the top Halloween make-up looks being pinned this year, and all of them are striking while looking pretty low on effort.

So, armed with nothing more than your make-up bag (and possibly some coloured hairspray), scroll on for five easy Halloween costume ideas.

And if these whet your appetite for fancy dress, Game of Thrones fans can click here for Daenerys, Cersei, Sansa and Arya tutorials.

Cobweb eyes

First up is this spidery style, a look that’s seen a 100% increase in searches compared to last year.

It’s a relatively easy one to recreate using your everyday make-up, and you can stick to one statement eye or go as full-on as you want.

To make the web stand out, use a pale eyeshadow as a base, then sketch a web over the top in black eyeliner – using liquid for finer detail. Enhance with glitter eyeliner, or even add some shading with darker colours.

It doesn’t have to be black either – just use a contrasting colour to the base. Blank out your eyebrows with foundation first for extra points.


Grab some green hairspray, a stripy top and you’re basically set. Beetlejuice-inspired make-up has seen a huge 260% increase in pins since last year.

You may need white face paint for the base, but then it’s just a question of applying those greens and purples we all have somewhere in our collection. Mash in a bit of yellow round the edges and your Beetlejuice face is complete.

Wait, we haven’t said it three times have we?


With a 250% increase in pins, there’s been a surge of interest in this spacy look and there’s tonnes of inspiration on Pinterest. Not extremely scary but a striking ethereal look that can be worked into a terrifying conversation about the nature of space, time and what even is life anyway?

Invest in face paint if you’re planning on starting with a base shade all over (unless you’re happy to spend several hours with cotton wool and a bucket of cleanser the following day), but there’s no reason your standard stash of colour and glitter won’t suffice for eye or cheek detail. Try wetting your favourite eyeshadows for more intense colour and make the most of your liquid eyeliners. A few of those stick-on gems (aka random nail art you have hanging around plus false eyelash glue) wouldn’t go amiss either.

Dead doll

Freaky dolls are the Halloween trend that haunt your dreams (70% year-on-year increase in pins).

Go more ventriloquists’ dummy or horrifying sewn-up face (click at your peril), but generally, big overdrawn eyes (false eyelashes stuck somewhere mid-cheek help with this), tiny lips, exaggerated blusher and freckled noses seem to work well. Fill in the bit between your real eye and your cheek-dwelling new lash line with white.

Cute deer

And then there’s what’s known as ‘cute deer’ (90% increase in searches). Yeah, we’re not all that down with non-scary Halloween outfits, even if they are Bambi, so we suggest turning this into some kind of roadkill/possessed woodland animal deal.

Recreate this with plenty of bronzer, eyeshadow or a variety of shades from your contouring palette, then eyeliner your nose and lips. Easy.

Find more Halloween costume inspiration on Pinterest and a selection of easy Halloween make-up tutorials here.

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