Easy Halloween make-up ideas using just three things

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Need some last-minute Halloween inspiration that won’t put you out of pocket? Look no further than your make-up bag, plus a couple of extra items that you’ll probably use again in the future.      

There’s no doubt that throughout the spooky season our feeds are flooded with crazy Halloween makeup looks, from special effects latex gore to painted optical illusions. But not all of us have the talent, patience or time to create such masterpieces.

If you’re time poor and want to whip up a speedy, simple, and useful look instead of opting for a last-minute head-to-toe cat ensemble, we’ve listed eight unique, fun and surprisingly do-able looks for you to try out this Halloween

60s Twiggy

OK, so this one isn’t exactly scary, but Twiggy is known for her iconic graphic doe-eyed liner and slicked-back pixie cut, which is fun and pretty easy to recreate – provided you have a steady hand. 

If you want to nail her retro look, use a fine black eyeliner to draw on some doe-eyed lashes, dotting on some sun-kissed faux freckles and slicking back your locks with a comb and hair pomade. 

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Cruella de Vil

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one Disney reference, so channel your inner evil and transform into Cruella de Vil. Sport an emerald green eye, blood red lip and add some white extensions or temporary white colour spray for a simple and modern take on her iconic hair. Extra points if you bring a (toy) Dalmatian.

Paris Hilton Circa 2003

We are throwing it back to the 2000s for this one – think pink, diamante-encrusted everything and flip phones. Spray tan in full force and pink gloss is the idea. Use a chunky shimmer crayon eyeshadow to get an effortless smoky eye – just apply and blend out with fingers.

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Jessica Rabbit 

The key to creating Jessica Rabbit’s foxy look is her long red hair, dramatic purple eyeshadow and ruby red lips – an instantly recognisable combo. Go OTT by re-drawing the eyelids, or keep it simple by applying some purple shadow on your lids, and over lining your lips with a sharp red liner before filling in, to achieve that voluptuous pout. 

For those ‘go hard or go home’ Halloweeners, add a red wig for finishing touches, or more simply just backcomb and style your natural hair for volume. 


Avoid having to master the skill of DIY scales and use a face jewel set instead – fuss free and super effective. An iridescent lip gives a duo chrome scale effect – and of course, beach waves are a must.

70s Cher

Halloween is a time to turn our dreams into reality and what better way to do so than turn back time and transform yourself into 70s Cher. Think spidery long lashes, sleek long hair and a wash of blue on the lids.     


Forget the party shop feather halo – go for an angelic and glowing look like you have fallen from heaven. The key to pulling this off is creating a shimmering iridescent base and embellishing your face with glitter. If you’re feeling cute, try glitter freckles across the cheeks and nose. Finish with a lustrous gloss on the lips.

Marilyn Monroe 

Go the classic route by donning Marilyn Monroe’s signature look – her hair and makeup are so recognisable, what you wear probably doesn’t even matter. 

Apply a bold red lip, then use a jet black eyeliner to create cat eye flicks. The look wouldn’t be complete without her iconic platinum locks and beauty mark, of course. 

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