Eco-friendly beauty products that make holiday packing a breeze

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21 Jun 2019
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Packing for a summer getaway can often mean buying a ton of travel-sized beauty products in a last-minute Boots dash at the airport. But have you ever thought about how your minis might be effecting the environment? 

England’s rainy weather has many of us obsessively refreshing our browsers in search of cheap flights to sunnier climates. But before you start packing your dandals, it might be worth checking how environmentally-friendly your travel-sized beauty essentials really are. 

From make-up wipes to aerosol deodorants, our easy and inexpensive suitcase staples are often made from non-recyclable plastics, meaning our handy holiday purchases are adding to the planet’s mounting plastic problem

A recent statistic estimated that by 2050, there will more plastic in the oceans than fish, with approximately 8 million pieces of plastic finding their way into our oceans every day. Although this may seem daunting, there is plenty that we can do to help, starting with buying sustainable products wherever possible.

Luckily, some of our favourite beauty brands are now beginning to offer eco-friendly alternatives, many of which come in handy mini sizes for hassle-free packing.

So, if you fancy making your holiday beauty bag a tad more eco-conscious, check out our favourite travel-friendly beauty buys below.

  • Yes To Coconut Cleansing Wipes

    Taking multiple bottles of make-up remover is not always feasible when travelling with hand luggage, meaning many choose to opt for the ease of make-up wipes. However, if you are going to resort to using wet wipes this summer, make sure they are plastic free. A great alternative to traditional makeup wipes is Yes To’s biodegradable coconut cleansing wipes. The wipes are made from 100% cellulose, meaning you can dispose of the wipes alongside your food waste and the packaging is also 100% recyclable. 

  • LUSH Slap Stick Foundation

    Tired of travelling with glass bottles? Then why not swap to a packaging-free foundation? LUSH’s Slap Stick is a solid foundation stick that is entirely plastic-free, making it a major friend to the environment. The product is partially dipped in a peel-able wax to help users easily apply the product straight to the face without the need for brushes or beauty sponges. Available in 40 shades, the foundation promises medium coverage through a blend of pigments and coconut oil. Plus, like most Lush products, it’s 100% vegan. 

  • EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter

    If you are travelling to a festival this summer, glitter is no doubt at the top of your list of essential beauty buys. However, in recent years, it has come to light that the microplastic can actually be pretty harmful to the environment, so it’s best to pick a glitter that is eco-friendly. Beauty brand EcoStardust makes biodegradable sparkles that are also 100% vegan, meaning you can dance the night away guilt-free.

  • Natural Deodorant Co Clean Deodorant Balm

    If you want to avoid taking up room in your liquids pouch, why not switch to a solid deodorant this summer? The Natural Deodorant Co clean deodorant balm is both vegan and aluminium-free, and comes in plastic-free packaging that is fully recyclable. Using a combination of magnesium and clay, the citrus-scented balm claims to be highly effective at keeping perspiration at bay, meaning you can enjoy your day in the sun without worrying about breaking out into a sweat.

  • FOAMIE Aloe You Vera Much shampoo bar

    If you want to avoid a suitcase shampoo explosion à la Ross in Friends, it might be best to swap your regular plastic bottles for a packaging-free shampoo bar. The simple soaps are super easy to use and are a perfect alternative to traditional shampoo if you need to keep your packing to a minimum. Free from plastic, parabens, soap and silicones, Foamie’s shampoo bar combines aloe vera and almond oil to leave your holiday hair feeling silky smooth and nourished. 

  • BYBI Babe Balm

    When it comes to travelling, multi-use beauty products are essential for making sure your suitcase is actually liftable. This is why BYBI’s Babe Balm is a great addition to any holiday make-up bag as it can be used as a lip balm, a dewy highlighter or to soothe sunburn. The 30ml beauty balm, which is 100% natural and vegan, also comes in plastic-free packaging, with the tube and lid both made from biodegradable sugarcane.

  • Suntribe Eco Sport Face Sunscreen

    Unfortunately, most SPF’s on the market come in non-recyclable plastic containers, however, sunscreen brand Sun Tribe offers an alternative that comes in a handy recyclable tin. The mineral sun cream is SPF 30 and made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. This means that the product is entirely coral reef safe and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. Plus, at only 30ml the tin can easily be added to your hand luggage for on-the-go protection.   

  • Herbivore Pink Clay Cleanser

    Cleansers can often be some of the biggest bottles in your suitcase, so why not swap to a solid this summer? Herbivore’s Pink Clay soap bar is the perfect alternative to your favourite jelly cleaner, and won’t take up any room in your liquids bag. The eco-friendly bar is formulated with sensitive skin types in mind, combining French pink clay and blood-orange oil to draw out impurities without drying out the skin. The product is also multi-use, working for both face and body, and is even certified cruelty-free and vegan. 

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