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They say your eyes are the window to your soul, so it's essential that the things that frame them - namely, your eyebrows - are sutiably groomed. It's amazing the difference just a little bit of attention paid to your brows can make to your entire face, and so we've put together our favourite essentials eyebrow products - from tools and make-up to treatments - to help you to the perfect arch.

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  • Benefit Speed Brow

    Don't have time to stand around grooming your eyebrows before you dash off to work? Try Benefit's clever Speed Brow. It will give your brows a bit of tint and help them stay put in a matter of seconds. Perfect for grooming on the go.


  • Tweezerman After Tweeze Soothing Cream

    Tweezing isn't exactly a pain-free experience, and sometimes your poor brows can get quite irritated after a serious plucking session. This After Tweeze Soothing Cream from Tweezerman is an excellent way to soothe your sore skin.


  • Becca's Multi-Use Dual Ended Brow Brush

    This Multi-Use Dual Ended Brow Brush from Becca is super handy and specifically made for eyebrows, making it a brow-styling essential.


  • BrowHaus

    BrowHaus is a one-stop-shop salon for you to have both your lashes and your eyebrows groomed. From brow threading to brow "resurrection" (a form of brow reconstruction), BrowHaus is the place to go if you're feeling you need some professional help. For your brows, that is.

  • Benefit High Brow

    High Brow is one of the best tricks in the beauty book. Adding a bit of this light pink crayon just underneath your brow line gives your eyes and eyebrows an extra lift and shimmery boost. High Brow is also a good way to mask any imperfections in your brows if you've not had time to tweeze!


  • Tweezerman Wide Grip Gel Tweezers

    Having a sharp pair of tweezers makes shaping your brows so much easier - never mind less painful. Tweezerman are the Stylist's favourite, and their new Wide Grip Gel Tweezers are as easy on your fingers as they are your brows.

    £18, Boots

  • Le Sourcil De Chanel

    This compact brow kit from Chanel features three different shades, two applicators, a pair of tweezers and a mirror - essentailly everything you need all in one tiny compact.


  • Tweezerman Magnifing Mirror

    When it comes to brows, precision is everything. Tweezerman make a fantsatic 10x magnification mirror that also has a light - an essential tool for seeing exactly what you have going on above your pretty peepers.


  • MAC Brow Finisher

    To ensure your perfect brows stay put throughout the day, invest in MAC's Brow Finisher. Non-sticky and easy to apply.


  • Blink Nourishing Brow Oil

    The fantastic Blink Brow Bar - a brow salon where you can have your brows both threaded, tinted and groomed - also sells amazing products for your eyebrows, including this Nourishing Brow Oil. Made with sweet almond oil, rosemary oil, lavender and sandalwood, this lovely smelling oil will aid hair growth and balance your skin, as well as helping you to relax.