Brow Trends 2022

3 key eyebrow trends we’re going to see everywhere in 2022

An eyebrow expert weighs in on where the world of brows is heading next year.

Far from a final touch, eyebrows make up a significant part of our beauty regimens. Whether you strategically thread, tweeze, microblade, microshade, tint, laminate, wax, or leave well alone, there are myriad ways our brows can express our personal style and individual aesthetic. 

A mainstay on 2020’s beauty roster (didn’t we all experiment during one of the several national lockdowns?), statement brows aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we’re taking a few key trends and building on them in 2022.  According to Fides Baldesberger, CEO and owner of Rubis Tweezers, we’re going bigger, more natural and eschewing our arches. Here’s what she predicts for us and our furry friends in the new year. 

Straight brows

Brow Trends 2022
Brow Trends 2022

Model Kendall Jenner and actor Zoë Kravitz wear their brows straight to the 2021 Met Gala, ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’.

“Stemming from Korea, this style consists of fuller brows with a minimal arch and a tail that drops at the ends in a subtle manner,” Baldesberger explains.

“To achieve the look, you must first abandon your arch. To get rid of the arch, go to the end of your eyebrow near the tail and tweeze off the hairs that go downward. This will allow your eyebrows to appear straighter. However, be careful not to take off too much – just the right amount. Your eyebrows should still have a good length across your eye.”

Natural brows

Brow Trends 2022
Brow Trends 2022

Musicians Solange Knowles and Griff wear natural, less defined brows at The 2020 Met Gala and 2021 Brit Awards, respectively. 

“The natural brow will prove popular in 2022 and it’ll be about sticking to your natural shape with a more defined look. Not so skinny and not so thick; more minimalist and simplified. 

“This means all the strays are removed, including thickness throughout the brow right to the tail and a slight arch — so nothing exaggerated. Using a slant tweezer (like the Classic Slanted Tweezer) will give you the best results, as the flat edge can be easily angled to run parallel to the skin, to enable you to grab even fine hairs, and to pull them out more easily in the direction of the hair’s growth.”

Fluffy brows

Brow Trends 2022
Brow Trends 2022

Actor and writer Michaela Coel and musician Billie Eilish are prominent advocates for the fluffy brow.

“A huge trend of 2021, the fluffy brow is here to stay. This involves brushing up the brow hairs with skin coming through and minimal use of pencils and powders, for a much more natural, less defined look.”

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