Meghan Markle’s facialist on how to ace the art of facial massage

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When it comes to achieving amazing skin, there isn’t much celebrity facialist Nichola Joss doesn’t know…

Skin expert Nichola Joss has worked her magic on the faces of beauty editors and celebrities alike for years.

Known for her slightly unusual but absolutely brilliant facial massage techniques (one of those includes sticking her fingers inside clients’ mouths – yes, you read that correctly), there isn’t much she doesn’t know about achieving amazing skin. Meghan Markle even once referred to her as one of her best-loved aestheticians.

Here, Joss talks us through the art of facial massage - and it only takes five minutes. 

What are the benefits of facial massage?

“Massaging your skin daily will not only remove tension and stress from the muscle and skin tissue but will stimulate the lymphatic system to drain any puffiness, including fluids and toxins, which can cause underlying congestion,” explains Joss.

Eye bags, begone. 

When should I practise facial massage and for how long?

“You can do this during your morning cleansing routine and then at bedtime with a facial oil of your choice,” continues Joss. “I tend to do it at bedtime and I use a facial oil or balm and spend 5-10 minutes massaging this into my skin using sweeping strokes, working from the centre of the face upwards and outwards. I concentrate on my jawline, under my cheekbones and across my brow. I use pressure to massage in the oil as this helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and prevents congestion.”

Which skincare products work well in facial massage?

“Balm and oil cleansers like the Decléor Bi-Phase Cleanser, £28, work really well in facial massage,” says Joss, “as do night balms, facial oils and oil serums. I love Decléor’s Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum, £48 and the Neroli Amara Night Balm, £39.”

3 simple facial massage exercises to do at home

1. “Work your massage starting from the centre of the face sweeping outwards and upwards,” says Joss. “Concentrate on the jaw line (where congestion and toxins can sit) under the cheekbones (where atrophy sets into the muscle, making it less supple) and the forehead, especially along the brow area from the bridge of the nose outwards. This area can become particularly heavy and may cause deeper lines. Massage helps prevent them.”

2. “Using your thumb and index finger pinch the muscle at the top of your nose leading up to your eyebrow and gently squeeze and release,” advises Joss. “Massaging the area will help keep the eyes bright and sparkly and will improve the muscle tone, moisture content and surface texture of the skin.”

3. “Take your index finger slowly and deeply work along the eyebrow from the centre of the face outwards to the temple,” says Joss. “This soften any lines and gently lift the brow area, improving the structure and contour of the muscle over time”.

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