Nail art inspiration: these Fashion Week manicures are so easy to DIY

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Georgia Drew
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Nail Art DIY

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from New York and London Fashion week, it’s this: perfect is out. Backstage, the nail artists were leading with expressive design, not neatness. These are the fresh-off-the-runway looks you can recreate at home. Follow our step by step guide to nail bliss.


At Jeremy Scott nude nails were accented with neon colours brushed around the perimeter. The edges weren’t perfect and each nail is slightly different making these cool but not try hard. Steady hands not needed. 

  1. Cover nail with 2 coats of your nude colour of choice.
  2. Using a bright neon nail polish and thin nail brush, paint a thick line around the edges of the nail. Keep the line rounded, not angular!
  3. When dry, cover with a layer or two of top coat. 

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Jelly nails

Jelly nails have upgraded from Instagram to the catwalk. Your favourite nail look doesn’t need to come at salon prices.

  1. Glue down your clear nails securely.
  2. To make the translucent colour get yourself a clean yoghurt pot or something similar you don’t mind ruining. Mix 10 parts top coat to 1 part nail colour and using a cocktail stick mix them together thoroughly. 
  3. Paint 2 or 3 layers of the translucent mixture onto your nails until you have the desired finish.

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Pastel petals

For the flower-obsessed among us, these acrylics at Fashion East are heaven. They have hand-placed over 400 tiny pressed flowers onto the underside of clear acrylics. Thankfully, you’d only need 10.

  1. Find a selection of tiny flowers or petals and press in between two heavy books.
  2. Once the flower has been pressed, leave it out for a few days to ensure it is dried out.
  3. Place the pressed flower onto the underside of a clear acrylic nail. Paint over it with with top coat to keep in place. 
  4. Create the pastel jelly shade you want by following step 2 from Jelly nail above!
  5. Fix the acrylics onto nails with nail glue.

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The double French

These red and navy tips are seriously on brand for Tommy Hilfiger. Think of these as the French manicure’s edgy cousin.

  1. Using your nude of choice paint a base coat.
  2. Cut a reinforcement ring, yes the ones in the bottom of your desk drawer, in half. Place the curved side in line with the curve of your nail tip so that the top edge of the sticker is about two thirds up your nail. Paint a red layer or two across the top of the nail from the sticker up.
  3. When dry, move the sticker so that the top edge is now in the middle of the red section. Paint your navy coat.
  4. Finish with a good coat of top coat!

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White stripes

Nail Art DIY
The nail art looks you can achieve at home

At House of Holland, the nails were very minimal and so very easy to recreate at home. This is a polished look that is definitely office appropriate.

  1. Start with a clean polish-free nail. Get a striping brush dipped in your white polish and lay it flat against your nail.
  2. Lift the brush back off and tidy any mistakes with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover.
  3. Layer with a coat or two of top coat.

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