Everything you wanted to know about Beauty Pie

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Perdita Nouril
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When it launched over a year ago, Beauty Pie was arguably the biggest disruptor that the cosmetic industry had ever seen. A year on however, and some are still a little unsure as to how it works and what the benefits are. Stylist reveals all…

What exactly is Beauty Pie?

The brainchild of beauty guru Marcia Kilgore, who started as a facialist before launching the smash-hit brands Bliss, FitFlop and Soap & Glory, Beauty Pie is a subscription service that banishes mark ups by cutting out the middleman. You pay a monthly fee of £10 which allows you to purchase luxury beauty products at factory prices. Think £4.75 for a foundation that’s made in exactly the same factory as your favourite luxury brands - who would usually charge around £30. In a nutshell, it’s a very clever beauty members club. 

How do Beauty Pie’s products and ethos compare to others?

Now, you’re probably thinking ‘how I do know that the Beauty Pie formulations actually match up to some of my favourite designer products? ’Well, for starters it’s well known among industry insiders that a number of beauty brands manufacture and formulate their cosmetics in the same factories. Plus, products including lipsticks and mascaras only have around eight ingredients, so if you copy and paste their ingredients list into Google, you can see which brands match up. Beauty Pie also offers customers full disclosure on how much money has been spent on packaging, and also removes the ‘added extras’ , like luxe-looking packaging or a Hollywood starlet fronting the campaigns, which only hikes up the price. 

What type of products can you buy?

Beauty Pie’s range is very extensive. It has your core make-up bag essentials such as foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras and bronzers as well as an impressive skincare range that caters to every skin type out there. Their product line-up includes anti-ageing retinols, stem cell serums and daily cleansers and no-nonsense moisturisers. Recently they’ve also added make-up brushes, nail varnishes and candles to their offering and judging from the Instagram, there is much more to come with a recent post revealing that they’re looking at releasing Korean inspired microneedle skincare patches. The best bit? They’ve asked consumers what pay structure they would prefer, either a month’s supply at the time or the whole programme in one go.