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Selecting the right scent can help you express and celebrate your individuality… 

When it comes to picking your perfect fragrance it’s all about choosing something that not only smells great, but allows you to express your personality too. 

After all, your scent is one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s important to make sure it’s representing who you are.

That’s why we’ve found seven fragrances that will help you show off your individuality, created by the specialists at Molton Brown

They’ve been creating innovative fragrances since 1971 and are the ultimate experts when it comes to making scents for individuals with personality.

But are you a grounded adventurer, or a little more unconventional? Molton Brown’s master perfumers can help you decide… 

  • For the unconventional

    If you’re the kind of person who likes to make a unique statement, perfumer Carla Chabert’s Fiery Pink Pepper Eau de Parfum creation is the one for you.

    The fragrance is one of 12 new Molton Brown eau de parfums, which have been specially curated by 10 perfumers “for individuals, by individuals.”

    Carla’s fragrances are inspired by her early career in film direction and are influenced by iconography, colour and images.

    “For me, Fiery Pink Pepper is a flamboyant celebration,” she says. “I fused an exuberant floral heart with hints of apricot and accents of osmanthus.”

    Which is what makes this the perfect fragrance for the erudite individualist who lives a life full of curiosity.  

    Carla continues, “Taking inspiration from the vibrancy of fuchsia, the overall composition is pink dominant. 

    “It’s vivid, spirited and alive with sensuality.”

  • For the grounded adventurer

    If you’re a straight-talker who loves to experience an adventurous life that is well-organised, Carla’s second eau de parfum, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel, should be your new go-to.

    “This fragrance is a rich interpretation of an azure blue; reminiscent of aromatic spices and aquatic stretches,” she says.

    “The emerald-hued cypress leaf with accents of warm yellow lift the colour to a sparkling turquoise. 

    “Nuances of vetiver and a trace of leather add an intriguing depth.” 

  • For the charismatic explorer

    If you’re an experience junkie who attracts people with your sensuality and confidence master perfumer Jacques Chabert’s Re-Charge Black Pepper Eau de Parfum should take pride of place on your dressing table. 

    Jacques has been working with Molton Brown since 1993 and has created the perfect scent for those who boast a daring and magnetic personality type.

    “I’m passionate about bridging the chasm between citrus and woody fragrances,” he says. 

    “Re-charge Black Pepper is how I’ve chosen to express this. It debuts with rich, spicy notes accented by soft nuances of bergamot and enhanced with myrtle pepper. 

    “The dry-down reveals its voluptuous oakmoss and woody depth.” 

  • For the romantic

    Whether it’s film and literature or style and beauty, you’re an utter romantic and love to treat yourself to a little bit of what you fancy. 

    Jacques Chabert has blended the perfect formula for your tastes and given it an exciting refresh, perfect for a moment of indulgence.

    Heavenly Gingerlily Eau de Parfum takes a floral fragrance and gives it a spicy edge.

    “Heavenly Gingerlily is incredibly timeless,” explains Jacques. 

    “Opulent tuberose and delicate lily welcome alluring ginger and tagetes in the top and heart, floating on a perfumed breeze of spicy cardamom. 

    “Cedarwood and noble musks in the base make it long-lasting.”

  • For the socialiser

    As a creative and animated socialiser you love your scents to have a story behind them. 

    Which is why the Flora Luminare Eau de Toilette, created by Molton Brown’s senior perfumer Maïa Lernout, is for you.

    Maïa is inspired by the 1970s, haute couture and travel, and cites the smell of charcoal used by her artist mother as an early memory that triggered her interest in fragrance.

    “Inspired by a journey to the idyllic Puna’auia beach, this is an ode to Tahitian tradition,” explains Maïa. 

    “I wanted to pay tribute to the tiaré flower, the national symbol of love. 

    “For centuries, Tahitian women have macerated the flower in coconut oil and used it as love philtre on their hair. 

    “A sparkling duo of mandarin and pear let the creamy tiaré flower shine bright.”

  • For the quietly confident

    You have the gift of the gab and you’re able to use your way with words to enhance any situation with a quiet confidence.

    You need a scent that complements your silver tongue and rising perfumer Jérôme di Marino’s creation, Suede Orris Eau de Toilette, is the perfect companion. 

    “This fragrance came from my private collection; I call it my ‘magic box’,” says Jérôme.

    “It’s a modern take on the noble Florentine precious perfumery gesture of orris-scented gloves. 

    “Rich, pure orris absolute is wrapped in a soft, smooth suede caress, for a quietly confident scent.”

  • For the idealist

    When everyone’s feeling a bit lacklustre about the way of the world, you’re the one to pep people up.

    Your positive attitude requires a perfume with equally uplifting notes and Molton Brown’s master perfumer Beverley Bayne has just the scent – Orange & Bergamot Eau de Parfum.

    “Orange and bergamot is a celebration of joy and energy,” says Beverley. 

    “I wanted to capture blooming orange flowers and ylang-ylang and let their notes shine bright. Petitgrain and neroli fuse with the strong floral middle notes to enhance this delightful brightness.”

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