“We saw Beyonce wearing a French manicure, so we got a French manicure”

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Hanna Ibraheem

The humble French manicure has made a major comeback. Here’s how to put a modern spin on the retro trend.

Nail art has exploded this year.

The tips of our fingers are now reserved for paint jobs akin to museum-worthy masterpieces. In fact, nails are now as much about making a statement as our make-up and hair.

Over the past year, we’ve seen extreme styles (who could forget the incredible Disney Villian-inspired designs that took 500 hours to make for The Blonds SS19 fashion show) and, subtler options, like rainbow pastel nails - but now, the most recent nail trend has a retro twist.

Earlier this month, Beyonce posted a picture on Instagram that showed her wearing a classic French manicure. So naturally, we visited our nearest salon and asked for the same thing.

Alongside baby blue eyeshadow and brown lipstick, the humble French manicure is one of the latest 90s trends to make a firm comeback in 2019.

Singer Normani showed up on the MTV 2019 Video Music Awards red carpet with a square-shaped French mani.

Normani on the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet

Even model Ashley Graham recently took to Instagram to reveal her French tips. Her manicure was painted by New York-based nail artist MoMo, who was also the person behind Beyonce’s retro mani.

While white tips with a sheer pink base is a timeless choice, nail experts across the globe are creating their own interpretations of the French manicure trend.

Here, we round-up some of our favourites for your next salon visit.

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  • Extreme point

    This pointed design gives the illusion of long nails.

  • Ombre rainbow

    Inject some colour to your fingertips with an ombre of soft and vibrant rainbow shade.

  • Gold chain

    Delicate and pretty, use a small paintbrush to slowly flick on each chain link.

  • Pastel tones

    When we re-grammed this picture on the Stylist Instagram page, the ‘like’ notifications came in thick and fast. It’s easy to see why…

  • Shimmer and sparkles

    Catch the sun on these sparkly tips during your next holiday, or bookmark this for upcoming party season.

  • Bright neon

    This year’s neon trend isn’t going anywhere, so why not swap out classic white for a bright, bold hue instead?

  • Double French

    Tempted to try a double French manicure yourself? Outline your nails but leave the middle part blank.

  • Clashing shades

    A French manicure doesn’t have to focus on the nail tips only. Paint the rest of your nail in a clashing tone to make it stand out even more.

  • Slanted shape

    If square-shaped nails are too retro for you, give this modern slanted version a go.

  • Dripping tips

    This “Dripping in Gold” nail art is a fun twist on a classic French manicure.

  • Metallic and glitter

    If you have short nails, take your polish slightly further down the nail, like this glitter design.

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