GHD’s sellout brush straightens hair in seconds - and we know how you can get one

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GHD Heated brush Glide

GHD’s game-changing hot brush Glide sold out globally in just two weeks - but now, it’s back. Here’s what happened when Stylist gave it the once over…

We imagine you’re familiar with pillow hair: when it’s not greasy enough to warrant a wash, but there’s a candyfloss fluffiness along the parting and a notable absence of oomph? 

Well, GHD’s innovative hot brush, Glide, £125, could be the solution.

When the hot brush launched back in February, it sold out globally in just two weeks, thanks to its ability to seamlessly straighten hair with one simple stroke.

Thankfully, GHD took notice of its high demand and now, Glide is permanently available across the world.

Intrigued to give it a go? Here’s what happened when we plugged it in.

GHD Glide Straightening Brush

Fast track

Many of us feel rushed in the morning and hair styling is one of the first to-dos to ditch. The brush reaches peak heat in 90 seconds, but it takes three minutes to style a full head. It can’t beat dry shampoo for speed.

Ion maiden

The brush employs an anti-static ioniser to send negative charges into positively charged hair. This works to cancel out any feedback that could trigger frizz and flyaways.

Deft design

Ninety-nine short bristles create tension to shape hair, 36 medium prongs protect the scalp from the heated plate, and 88 long bristles detangle right to the root.

Tipping point

185°C is the magic number. Why? It’s the temperature required for hair to enter the ‘glass transition phase’, when a material goes from brittle to malleable. In this scenario it means hair can be styled without causing damage or split ends.

Shock tactics

In testing phases the brush was dropped over 150,000 times and didn’t break. We’re giving you the go ahead to chuck it in your gym bag.

The verdict

Hanna Ibraheem, Stylist’s beauty writer:

I’m one of those people that snoozes their alarm until they absolutely have to wake up. As a result, I don’t really spend much time on my hair and while I can get away with it when it’s freshly washed, my second day hair requires some effort. Enter: GHD’s new Glide brush.

I rolled out of bed, switched it on (and, like its straighteners, it warmed up in seconds) and began brushing. Instantly, my limp - and slightly greasy - hair was given some life again.

With hair that seems to develop a knot if I dare to just breathe, I found that the GHD Glide glided through my hair without tugging, leaving shiny and straight strands in its wake.

Plus, it saves a lot of time in the morning. I managed to tackle my thick frizzy waves into sleek submission in a matter of minutes, without the risk of any static. That means I can actually get away with snoozing for even longer now, winning.

Georgia Drew, Stylist’s beauty intern:

Day two hair is the bane of my (hair’s) life. I come from the frizzy, dry end of the spectrum and once the glory of freshly-washed, well-styled hair has gone, my hair descends into a dull mop.

I’ll admit the concept of a heated brush sounded a little, well, unnecessary to me. Why would you need a brush when you could use a trusty straightener? How wrong I was.

Testing on day two hair, the brush achieved a sleekness I haven’t achieved with straighteners. Not because mine aren’t up to the job, but due to the brushing element. I can’t use one on my hair between washes unless I want to look like a poodle but the heat from the Glide smooths out any frizz that would normally arise.

These are going to be my new secret weapon for the days in-between. Plus I did my whole head in under a minute. Win. 

GHD Glide, £125, is available here

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