Glossier Christmas collection 2020: every product in its impressive festive line-up

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Glossier has released its Christmas collection. In the pink and gold line-up, there’s lip balm roulette, gold-flecked lip gloss and even a necklace.

After a turbulent year, we’re determined to make Christmas 2020 one of the most special yet – and if you’re looking for the perfect gift, Glossier’s 2020 Holiday Collection may be just the (golden) ticket.

The cult beauty brand’s Christmas offering contains five beautiful gifts that are decorated with its iconic millennial pink hue and splashes of gold. Plus, there’s a new limited-edition sweatshirt in liquorice red

Here, we run through the gifts any beauty fanatic would be happy to receive this Christmas. The hardest part is choosing just one…

  • Glossier Limited Edition Gold Kit


    If you like adding touches of gold to your fashion and beauty look, this set is for you. It contains a shimmering 14k gold-plated necklace, complete with a Glossier G logo pendant, and a tinsel-like Gold Lip Gloss.

    Shop Glossier Limited Edition Gold Kit at Glossier, £70

  • Glossier Limited Edition Balm Dotcom Roulette


    With so many Balm Dotcoms to choose from, all of which come in delicious flavours and flattering hues, it can be hard to pick just one. So, leave it to fate with this “roulette” for your lip balms. Three Balm Dotcoms are nestled inside this deck-of-cards-inspired packaging.

    Shop Glossier Limited Edition Balm Dotcom Roulette at Glossier, £25

  • Glossier Limited Edition Gold Lip Gloss


    Lip gloss continues to be a popular beauty trend, so why not go for one with a little something extra? Glossier took its original clear lip gloss base and added reflective gold shimmer. The result? This limited-edition gold high-shine formula.

    Shop Glossier Limited Edition Gold Lip Gloss at Glossier, £11

  • Glossier G Pal Scarf


    Silky and 100% vegan, this 31-inch square scarf has a geometric G-pal logo printed on it and can be used in a number of ways – from weaving it around your bag strap to tying it around your hair. Plus, if you want to gift it, the scarf comes in an embossed envelope, ready to sit under the Christmas tree.

    Shop Glossier G Pal Scarf at Glossier, £25 or complimentary with any £65 order

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