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Oh Glossier, you have been good to us recently.

Earlier this month the cult beauty brand started shipping to the UK for the first time, finally giving beauty fiends the chance to get their fix without travelling abroad – and now, Glossier has launched its first ever fragrance.

And in true Glossier style, it’s a scent with a difference. Named Glossier You, the eau de parfum is designed to be the “ultimate personal fragrance”. 

Apparently, it’s not even technically a perfume, but more a “skin smell enhancer” designed to heighten your natural, human-y aroma. Glossier describe the result as “creamy, salty, warm, clean”, defining this familiar mix as “that’s you”.

For some, this concept could be a little confusing. After all, why would I spend £45 on a bottle of fragrance that just smells like, well, me?

Team Glossier admit that the results are “ambiguous and hard to describe” but assure us that they will be “easily appreciated” all the same.

The brand has also revealed the scents they used to develop the long-lasting fragrance, explaining that the secret lies in a simple equation of only a few notes.

Glossier You, £45, 50ml

The three base notes are ambrette (a musky, aromatic plant originating from India, described as “comfy” and “warm”), ambrox (a “smooth” and “salty” synthetic compound, developed as a replacement for natural ambergris) and the “long-lasting, addictive” musk.

Layered upon these are a mix of top notes, including “earthy, woody” iris root and “spicy, sparkling” pink pepper.

The fragrance’s unique concept chimes with Glossier’s mission to help its customers enhance their natural beauty and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Glossier’s founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, recently told Stylist that her aim has always been to “create these very modern essentials” that crucially, are “not punishing; they’re things that make you feel more comfortable, more beautiful and more yourself”.

Personally, we can’t wait to see what the best version of us smells like. 

You can buy Glossier You, priced at £45 for 50ml online here


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