People in the UK aren’t happy about Glossier’s latest launch

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Hanna Ibraheem

Glossier has unveiled its latest skincare launch - but it’s not available in the UK yet.

Despite the fact that it only started shipping its products to the UK in October 2017, Glossier has already amassed a loyal following. A handful of its products, such as Balm Dotcom and Boy Brow, quickly gained cult status and Instagram is constantly awash with those millennial pink bags.

So, it’s no surprise that whenever Glossier announces a new product, a ripple of excitement cascades through the beauty industry. Except us folks in the UK weren’t too happy with the latest launch.

Taking to Instagram, Glossier unveiled its new baby, Zit Stick – a spot treatment packaged in a pen that resembles a whiteboard marker.

Simply scribble the pen over blemishes and the invisible formula (which can also be applied over make-up) will get to work. It contains 5% benzoyl peroxide to attack the germs that cause spots, tea tree oil and capryloyl salicylic acid (a less irritating derivative of salicylic acid).

Alongside its formula, is the Instagram-worthy packaging is we’ve come to love from Glossier. You can pop Zit Stick in your handbag to treat skin whenever and wherever needed, while the clever antimicrobial stainless-steel rollerball prevents bacteria growth.

Sounds amazing, right? Which is exactly why Brits weren’t too pleased to hear that Zit Stick wouldn’t actually be launching in the UK.

Benzoyl peroxide can be irritating and cause peeling when it is used in high percentages. So, Zit Stick’s current 5% formula cannot be sold over the counter in the UK.

However, not all is lost because Glossier has confirmed that it is bringing a reformulated benzoyl peroxide-free version of Zit Stick to the UK early next year.

A Glossier spokesperson said, “Zit Stick is a portable, fast-acting spot treatment you can wear everywhere and apply anytime. Because it is formulated with Benzoyl Peroxide, an active ingredient that’s not available over the counter in Europe, Zit Stick will not be launching in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, or Denmark.

“Our priority is always to create the best products that are efficacious, safe, and suited for customers no matter where they are. We’re working on a Benzoyl Peroxide-free version that will launch in Europe early next year.”

Guess we’ll just have to be patient and hope that we don’t have any major break outs before then.

Image: Glossier