Glossier's cult fragrance Glossier You now comes in solid form

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Jacqueline Kilikita
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Glossier is leading the revival of solid perfume with their latest version of Glossier You, and we’re sold. 

Solid perfume has historically been something of an underdog in the fragrance world, but Glossier is about to change that. Here’s why.

There’s something both glamorous and personal about using your fingers to dab the scented balm onto your pulse points, feeling it melt into the skin and catching each individual note. And that’s before we’ve touched on how much more practical solid perfumes are compared to their liquid counterparts. If you’ve had to chuck away your signature scent at airport security or experienced a perfume spillage in your brand new Chloe Crossbody, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Solid perfumes have lost popularity in the last few years with the rise of spritzes and even brush-on fragrances – Byredo, we’re looking at you – but now Glossier is back on board, all that could be about to change.

That’s right. The perfume which beauty editors and beauty-obsessives alike all lost their minds over, Glossier You, is now available in solid form. And just like the original, we predict a storm.

Exactly like Balm Dot Com, Cloud Paint and Solution, it’s undeniably Instagram-worthy. Dressed in the shade of millennial pink that, arguably, made the brand social-media famous, the solid perfume sits neatly in a luxuriously heavy glass compact complete with a technology inspired swivel lid and a handy thumb rest, just like the bottle. We’re also awarding top marks for the little dust bag designed to house it, because – if you’re anything like us – your handbag is a bit of a Tardis…

And then there’s the scent itself. Dubbed the “skin smell-enhancer” by Glossier, it’s salty and musky, cosy yet crisp – the equivalent of freshly washed bed sheets after a good night’s sleep or stealing your other half’s favourite hoodie. The buttery balm is comprised of ambrette (comforting and warm), ambrox (slightly tangy and carnal) and pink pepper (snappy and lingering) to name but a few individual elements.

So how does it compare to the spray version we all know and love? Well, it’s slightly more intimate for starters. A little like a pot of lip balm, it requires application with your fingers, which might make you a bit more reluctant to share…

Then there’s the staying power. It’s a little subtler than the original, but whether you prefer to dot it onto your neck, wrists or behind your knees like the perfume pros, it seems to hang around for longer than any other solid scent we’ve tried. The texture is another talking point. Initially balmy, it dries to a matte finish, and any left-over product can be used as a hair perfume meets frizz fighter. 

So, when can you buy it? On 5 February from And at £19 it’s a fraction of the price of the spray version. We’ll take two.