Golden Ratio Eyebrows

‘Golden ratio brows’ are going viral on TikTok thanks to one simple-to-follow filter

“I was expecting bad, but this is so good,” comments one viewer.

TikTok has taught me a lot: how to apply blush using the palm of my hand, how to use hot rollers, and why it might be best to steer clear of triple cleansing. Most recently, TikTok users are showing me what my perfect eyebrows could look like – all thanks to one clever filter. 

Featuring a succession of lines outlining where the start, arch and end of the brow should be, people are using the filter to draw in their eyebrows and, more permanently, wax them into said shape. One video, showing a woman after following the guide has over 17 million views. 

“I was expecting bad but this is so good,” writes one user responding to the video. “I was worried but girl you pulled through,” comments another.

The filter, which identifies your perfect shape using your nose as a guideline, was designed by @gracemchoi, a TikTok effects creator based in New York City.

“I created this filter to help you draw your perfect eyebrows according to the golden ratio,” she says. “First, you’re going to take your eyebrow pencil and make a mark where the blue dots are. These are going to be your eyebrows’ start, arch and end-points. Next, using your natural eyebrow shape, connect the dots. Brush out and fill in as needed.”

“Take a Q-tip (cotton bud) and erase the marks. Brush up with brow gel and you’re done!”

If you’re unsure, don’t start by waxing, tweezing or threading your eyebrows into this shape. Instead, use the filter to fill them in (pencil, pomade or shadow will all work) and find out if you like the shape and would like it to be more permanent. Once you’ve decided you’re happy, use this fluffy eyebrow trick to keep them voluminous and bushy. 

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