How to master the grown-up glow, according to experts

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The subtle, dewy glow is set to be a dominant skincare trend in 2020. Here’s how to recreate the look at home.

It’s no secret that 2019 was the year where the extreme highlighter look was everywhere.

From beauty bloggers to celebrity make-up artists’ kit bags, it didn’t feel right going for drinks without anything less than a visible sign of highlighter.

With a new year comes a new glow and a new focus. As consumers, we’re becoming increasingly more knowledgeable about what we’re buying and the details of how exactly it’ll enhance our own natural beauty – and it all starts with skincare. 

“There is still a demand for skin which naturally glows and people are looking for this in their skincare and their make-up,” says consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto.

“AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) chemically exfoliate the skin to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells and vitamin C can improve brighten the skin. These can be found in a variety of serums, toners and creams depending on personal preference.”

And it’s not just skincare products that can help increase your glow; the number of make-up products which include ingredients to benefit the skin are steadily increasing.

“The industry has become so obsessed with skincare, that make-up (as we know it from YouTube and Instagram) has become counter-intuitive, says Celia Burton, make-up artist for Glossier. “The glow that is desired now is one of health and happiness, as opposed to layering iridescent make-up for a shimmery finish.”

There are a plethora of factors contributing to that naturally glowy look – from diet, stress and hormone levels to sleep patterns and your digestive systems – and it can be tricky figure out which type of product is most relevant. 

“The first step is making sure that you’re looking after your skin,” says Burton. “Look for oil-serum hybrid products such as Glossier’s Futuredew which actually penetrates the skin while brightening and adding a glossy sheen.”

With the development of such serums, the formulas are now able to work across your skincare and make-up routine. 

“On a no-make-up day I apply two pumps of Futuredew onto cleansed and moisturised skin, as the final step.” continues Burton. 

“If I fancy wearing a bit of make-up, I use a small pump of product (after moisturiser) in both hands and pat all over the face, then apply my base as usual. It acts as a primer, and keeps the face looking fresh.”

Three of the best skin-loving, glowy products…

  • Bare Minerals Pro Glow Highlighter

    Bare Minerals Pro Liquid Highlighter

    Infused with oat sugar known for increasing firmness, calming green lentil extract and bamboo extract for help with evening out skin tone, this highlighter hybrid contains light reflecting mineral pearls for a light shine.. It can be mixed in with foundation, tinted moisture or other skincare products.

    Shop Bare Minerals Pro Glow Highlighter at, £23

  • Glossier Futuredew

    Glossier futuredew serum

    Packed with nourishing jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, evening primrose and rosehip oil, this oil-in-serum hybrid is combined with sugarcane squalene to hydrate and light reflecting minerals for a low-key glow. It can be used on top of make-up, underneath make-up and as a skincare staple.

    Shop Glossier’s Futuredew at, £23

  • Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

    Bobbi Brown Bare Glow Illuminating Moisture Balm

    A soothing rich formula, this balm makes use of evening primrose oil, rosemary, chamomile and grapefruit to give a barely there glow. It can be applied to accentuate features on bare skin or to illuminate all over foundation.

    Shop Bobbi Brown’s Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm at, £45

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