4 ways to streamline your morning beauty routine

It might not be scientific, but the morning definitely goes ten times quicker than any other time of day. Here’s how to speed up your morning beauty routine without sacrificing quality…

Mornings are largely stressful affairs.

If the trains are on time you can guarantee your hair has dried strangely.

Or if you wake up with suspiciously glowy skin after a late night drinking wine you can count on having accidentally snoozed your alarm four times.

Luckily, when it comes to beauty there are ways to streamline your morning routine without sacrificing quality.

Here are four ways to streamline your routine. 

1. Do it in your sleep

A solid way of speeding up your morning routine is to start the night before.

Believe it or not your bedding is the first step in speeding up your morning routine. 

Upgrade your pillowcase from cotton to silk to shave time off your skincare and hair prep.

If you spend time smoothing your hair in the morning, a silk pillowcase can help prevent frizz and save you valuable time.

The skincare benefits also come thick and fast as silk pillowcases are less harsh on your skin than their cotton relatives and so can leave your skin looking less puffy in the morning.

If you’ve put the hours in treating your skin to an intensive nighttime routine, the last thing you want is for it all to go to your pillow throughout the night.

A silk pillowcase is less absorbent than a regular one, meaning your skincare products actually stay on your face and your skin is better primed for your morning routine.

2. Simplify your skincare 

There’s nothing that eats up time like an elaborate skincare routine.

And while at nightime it can feel like a luxurious way to wind down before bed, in the AM it’s more stress and less self-care.

Streamline your morning routine by focusing on skincare that champions efficacy over unnecessary steps.

Shiseido has over 140 years of Japanese beauty wisdom under its belt and has finessed the art of innovative and effective skincare.

Cut the 12-step morning skincare regime and instead apply a few drops of Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate Serum into your face after cleansing.

The formula protects your skin from everyday damage like pollution and harsh weather (ideal for the famously reliable British climate) by using natural extracts like antioxidant reishi mushroom and revitalising iris root to boost your skin’s defences.

Next, massage some Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Day Cream in upwards circular motions.

The rich moisturiser reawakens your skin’s sensors to leave it looking plump and revitalised. 

3. Ditch the daily hair wash

Not only is washing your hair every day a laborious process, it’s also not doing your hair health any favours.

Lathering up every day strip away your hair’s natural oils and proteins that keep your scalp and tresses healthy, which in turn can leave it dry and damaged - especially if it’s coloured or bleached.

Thankfully dry shampoo has come on leaps and bounds, and these days you can use it without being left with a dry scalp and dusty hair.

Keep your wet hair wash limited to three times a week (or once a week tops for textured hair) and swap in a nourishing dry shampoo with added minerals on the other days.

It’s a major morning timesaver that’s better for your hair health. 

4. Make your bronzing brief

If you want to rebel against letting go of your bronzed look just because summer is over, you don’t have to commit to hours of tanning.

Skip the rigmarole of waiting for your tan to dry (and in turn not being able to sit down least of all do anything else in your morning routine) and swap to an in-shower solution.

Utilise your shower time with a tan you can massage into your skin while you’re waiting for your conditioner to do its work.

Just lather it into your skin with your hands and then after 3 minutes rinse it off and go about the rest of your morning business. 

Streamline your morning beauty routine with effective and innovative skincare by Shiseido.