Finally, a colour trend that won’t totally wreck your hair

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Viola Levy
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This popular new bayalage technique is much kinder on your strands

If you’re trying to kick your daily flat white habit, there’s an easier way to channel your caffeine addiction. A colouring trend that’s cropping up more and more on Pinterest and Instagram, ‘coffee bayalage’ is a great way for brunettes to give their lacklustre locks a lift. Especially if you’re thinking of going from blonde or red to brunette and are worried about the colour looking flat.

Steven Kamara, Creative Colour Director at Paul Edmonds explains further. “Coffee balayage is a technique designed for brunettes to create multi-tonal, textured looks. The desired look that is trending on Instagram and Pinterest shows a rich blend of browns- especially coffee-like tones. “

It’s a subtler effect and doesn’t involve colouring your entire head of hair, making it perfect for ‘hair colour virgins’ who don’t want anything too drastic.

It also minimises damage associated with dyeing. As Steven explains: “The technique used to create coffee balayage is called surface balayage meaning that the colour is only applied to the top layers of hair strands. Unlike ‘normal’ balayage which involves coating all hair strands, coffee balayage is applied free hand to the upper hair strands only. It’s a gentle technique which creates ultimate shine.”

Another plus point is that it’s relatively easy and less expensive to maintain too. “Coffee balayage can be applied and maintained every three months,” he notes. “A glaze and gloss can be applied every six weeks to refresh your coffee tones and add shine. 

“I’d recommend using Shu Uemura Colour Luste Shampoo (£27) and Conditioner (£36) at home to maintain your colour over time and while you are away from the salon. Their Duo Serum (£36) is also a perfect product to apply when blow drying balayage during everyday styling to lock in colour for longer.”

Up for trying this new trend? If you’re as particular about your hair colour as you are about your double-shot-extra-hot-soya-caramel latte, Steven suggests bringing photo references along. “The colour experts will already know what coffee balayage is, however bringing pictures is ideal to ensure both you and your colourist know what to achieve from the appointment. This technique is perfect for individuals who want their own style, as each application is different for each client.” 

However, it’s important to listen to your colourist if they have particular recommendations as to the coffee tone that’s right for you. “Coffee balayage is completely bespoke and applied working with the hair’s texture, the client’s eye colour and skin tone to achieve the perfect individual look.” 

We couldn’t think of an easier way to update our locks for the summer months (without any caffeine come-down).

Image: Valerie Elash/UnSplash