From curtain bangs to Farrah Fawcett feathers, these are the iconic 70s hairstyles making a big comeback

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Farah Fawcett

Time and time again, trends from the 70s make a comeback – and 2021 seems to be all about 70s hair. Here, we round up the looks that might inspire your next haircut.

The 70s is having a moment. Last year, we filled our wardrobes with retro-style prints and flared jeans and our homes with bright colours, thanks to BBC One’s The Serpent – and now, the decade is inspiring our hair.

From Farrah Fawcett’s feathered cut that was often styled into large, bouncy curls to long, shaggy curtain bangs that skimmed your eyelashes, hairstyles in the 70s have always been iconic. It’s no surprise then, that haircuts and styles from the decade are among the most highly requested in hair salons today.

Here, we run through the trends that are as huge today as they were back then.

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70s hairstyles making a comeback

  • The voluminous ponytail

    With this trend, it’s the higher and bigger the ponytail, the better. A signature hairstyle for singer Ariana Grande, this hairstyle involves scraping your hair back into a ponytail on the top of your head. Once it’s secure, backcomb the roots of the ponytail for as much volume as possible.

  • Baby braids

    ’Baby braids’ are all over social media at the moment and they’re a trend that seem to pop up every decade. You can either braid two sections at the front to frame your face or braid random sections for your hair for added texture.

  • The classic beehive

    This year’s Bafta TV Awards red carpet saw countless chic beauty looks but one of our favourite trends of the night came in the resurgence of a popular 70s hairstyle.

    Aimee Lou Wood, who won a BAFTA for her role in Sex Education, had her hair swept into a classic beehive with curtain bangs framing her face.

    Wood’s hairstylist, Patrick Wilson, posted a picture of the finished look on Instagram, writing: “Brigitte Who? Aimee Lou”, a reference to 60s and 70s style icon Brigitte Bardot.

    The beehive, which involves backcombing hair into a, well, beehive-shaped cone on the top of the head, has been around for ages. Margaret Vinci Heldt, an American hairdresser, first created the beehive hairstyle in the 60s. It went on to become an iconic look in popular culture throughout the decades, sported by The Supremes and The Ronettes. It later became the signature look for Absolutely Fabulous’s Patsy Stone and singers Amy Winehouse and Adele.

  • Curtain bangs

    One of the most popular hairstyles around at the moment, curtain bangs are here to stay for 2021. This haircut involves shaggy bangs that are parted to drape around your face (hence the name ‘curtain’). To help achieve that effortless framing effect, curtain bangs are usually cut slightly longer than the average fringe. This means they’re the perfect option for those looking to add texture to their hair without the commitment of a full fringe.

  • Shaggy layers

    The shag is one of the most iconic looks of the 70s. It involves cutting numerous layers into the hair, focusing mainly around the top half, to create lots of movement and messy texture. Shaggy bobs and pixie cuts were particularly popular and have been recently sported by Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

  • The feathered cut

    Farrah Fawcett’s hair was a major trend in the 70s, thanks to its bouncy, feathered cut. By adding the same type of feathered layers all around the head and choppy edges around the face, your hair instantly gains heaps of volume. If your hair is thin, gain extra body by styling your hair in outwards curls or flicks, like Fawcett.

  • Micro-bangs

    Halle Berry’s faux micro-fringe was one of the most talked about beauty looks from the 2021 Oscars red carpet. On the other side of the spectrum to curtain bangs, micro-bangs are wispy and barely reach your eyebrows.

  • Disco curls

    Another signature look of Fawcett’s, disco curls were all the rage in the 70s. To achieve the right type of curls and bounce, opt for large rollers over curling tongs. And don’t forget to combine your two front sections into one roller for a lifted finish in the roots.

  • Sleek and straight

    Icons of the 70s often sported super long, sleek hair that was pin-straight – just look at Cher. Before attempting this look, be sure to prep your hair with heat protectant and seal your hair in mirror-like shine with a coating of argan oil.

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