Barbie Ponytail

The Barbie ponytail is wonderfully kitsch and easier to do than you think

Swept, sleek and flicked – everything we want.

Among all the 00s revival trends – of which low-rise jeans are irrefutably the worst – there are a few key ones we’re excited by. Namely, the Y2K spiky bun, zig-zag partings, return of the claw clip and gravity-defying ponytail. 

Aptly named the Barbie ponytail, the style is characterised by height, sleekness and immediately recognisable flicked-under ends. Seen on 00s popstars and, more recently, on singer turner make-up founder Ariana Grande, it’s kitsch, fun and versatile. Here, Salvatore Ierna, a hairstylist at London salon The Bohemians, breaks down how to perfect the look at home.

Y2K Hairstyles – Barbie Ponytail
Ariana Grande is known for her signature Barbie Ponytail.

“Loved by ponytail queen Ariana Grande, the Barbie ponytail is a high pony with curled strands, oftentimes with a swoop of side bangs swept across the forehead, too. The elegant yet whimsical updo can be dressed up or down and works for all hair types.

“First, section off any front-framing tendrils that you want to be left out of your ponytail. Then gather the rest of your hair and form it into a high pony, using two or three clear elastics, and a brush to smooth your hair back. Next, you can use straighteners or a curling wand to flick-curl the ends of your ponytail. Just make sure you’re curling in the same direction.”

If a slicked-back ponytail’s not your vibe, there are myriad 00s styles making their way back into the mainstream. Think butterfly clips, snap clips, super-skinny braids, bubble hair and baby braids.

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