Best hair perfumes and mists

Best hair perfumes and mists that smell incredible

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No, you can’t spray your normal perfume in your hair. Here’s why you should consider adding a hair perfume to your vanity table.

There’s a lot of joy to be found at the end of a perfume spritz. But before you begin spraying your chosen scent all over, there’s one area you actually need to avoid: your hair.

Normal perfumes are made with high levels of alcohol and, sometimes, harsh ingredients that are fine for our clothes and body but not our hair and scalp.

“The chemical make up of these products will dry your hair and scalp, which can also lead to irritation, dandruff, inflammation in the follicle and redness of the scalp and even hair thinning or hair loss,” says trichologist Simone Thomas. “Our scalp is a very delicate ecosystem and one that needs to be taken care of.”

This is where hair perfumes come in. Of course, a hair perfume isn’t entirely necessary but it does add a luxe touch to your beauty routine.

Hair perfumes and mists have been specifically formulated to be kind to your hair and scalp. “They have key ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids,” says Thomas. “This helps with the health of your hair and scalp, keeping in moisture and adding extra shine while smelling amazing.”

Looking to kick your scent game up a notch? Here, we round up the best hair fragrances, some of which are even formulated with the same scents as your favourite perfumes. Happy spritzing.

Best hair perfumes and mists

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