Heatless curlers

Heatless curlers are the simple way to curl and wave hair without heat damage

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Fancy curling your hair without the heat damage? Try a heatless curler – it’s the hack TikTok swears by. 

If you’re new around here, allow me to let you in on a secret – we love a hack. The clever methods have helped us perfect the fluffy eyebrow technique, draw a sleek cat-eye, and know what the hell to do with those leftover Gü pudding pots. So, when we spied a hair hack to create gorgeous, smooth curls minus the heat, it’s safe to say we were intrigued. 

A method of wrapping the hair around the soft (they’re usually silk or satin) rod and using scrunchies and clips to fix in place, heatless curlers are lauded for minimising damage and stress to the hair shaft and being fairly low-maintenance. 


Heatless curls🤍 using pura silk Hyaluronic acid & argon oil infused heatless curler set!!

♬ Baby Work It - Your Favourite Garçon

Now, let me caveat that curling hair is not a new phenomenon; Black and brown women have been using rod rollers for aeons to effect undulating waves, ringlets and curls. However, the virality the method has gained on social media, specifically TikTok, is new. Thousands of users have shared the way they use heatless curlers – popping them in before bed or going about the day with one secured in the hair. Here are the seven heatless curlers we rate for defined curls and rippling waves.

  • Silk Heatless Curler Set by The Big Silk

    Heatless Curlers The Drop

    “You can’t move for heatless curling hacks on TikTok right now, but rather than repurposing your dressing gown belt and leaving yourself chilly, invest in this silk curl kit instead,” advises Shannon Peter, Stylist’s beauty director. 

    “The smooth fibres of the high-quality silk won’t ruffle the hair cuticles, ensuring that the curls you wake up with will be softer than ever.”

    Shop Silk Heatless Curler Set by The Big Silk, £49.99

  • Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit Pink

    Heatless Curlers - Original

    The heatless curler that gained huge fame and virality via TikTok, the Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon inspired thousands of users to share their hair transformations using the 100% silk product.

    In the kit comes the curling ribbon, a hair clip, and two scrunchies. Plus, of course, an instructional card to make sure you get it right every time. 

    Shop Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit Pink, £49

  • Easilocks Satin Heatless Curler Kit

    Heatless Curlers - Easilocks

    Satin, rather than silk, this soft curler comes with scrunchies and a clip to keep your curls secure while you sleep/work/go about your business. 

    Shop Easilocks Satin Heatless Curler Kit, £19.99

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