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The best purple shampoos for keeping your blonde hair bright and brass-free

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Want to create the illusion of brighter, blonder hair with every wash? It’s time you tried a purple shampoo.

Whether you’re a natural blonde, a bleach fanatic or you simply get a beachy balayage every six months, everyone with a blonde ambition will know that brassiness is the thing most dreaded when it comes to keeping your colour looking fresh.

We’ve all been there. You come out of the hairdressers feeling like your blonde is bright and the colour looks clean, yet within a few short weeks your hair seems to have adopted a certain tinge that wasn’t there three weeks ago, becoming dull, yellow or orange-toned. The good news is that it’s easy to remedy that brassiness and knock those yellow tones clean out of your colour with a purple or silver shampoo.

How do purple shampoos work?

Purple shampoos work on the basis of simple colour theory. The purple acts to neutralise any orange and yellow tones in blonde hair, transforming your colour to a cooler, ashier blonde. Small amounts of purple, violet or lavender pigments are deposited onto the hair, restoring it to its cool-toned best. 

How long does it take a purple shampoo to work?

If you want to keep your colour at its coolest, you can use your purple shampoo every time you wash your hair. Noticed a build-up of brass? Try using your shampoo as a more intense treatment, leaving it on the hair for up to 10 minutes and watch as those yellow and orangey tones fade into oblivion.

Will a purple shampoo lighten my hair?

Purple shampoo doesn’t contain any lightening agents – like peroxide or bleach – so it won’t actually lighten your hair, but the brightening effect can make your colour look fresher. 

The best purple shampoos for all hair types

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