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TikTok is obsessed with this affordable low-maintenance blow-dry technique

In pursuit of a voluminous, fluffy blow-dry? Turns out hair rollers could save you some serious cash. 

Hair let down is a real thing. Take a blow-dry, for example. Bouncy and swishy when you leave the salon, but by the time you’ve hopped on the bus, dodged the drizzle and picked up the shopping, it’s likely fallen flat. Not ideal, especially when you pop on social media and are inundated with impossibly perfect hair. For me, jealousy reigns supreme. 

Fortunately, resourceful users on TikTok are sharing the ways they keep their strands silky smooth and voluminous without spending £££ on a tool like the Dyson Airwrap. Let me introduce you to the world of #rollertok

In part a response to the reams of Airwrap content available on TikTok (it’s a popular tool for a reason), the roller fandom uses velcro rollers, smooth rollers, large rollers, hot rollers – if it’s a roller, they’re probably all over it.

“Using my $13 Amazon rollers to achieve the ‘90s blowout look’ vs. the $600 Dyson Airwrap,” says one video, showing a woman with a head full of rollers. Effecting a similar result, users claim they get just as much bounce, shine and volume using the comparatively affordable alternative.

“I always say at least 10 minutes. But sometimes I end up leaving them in for an hour. It really just depends on your preference,” says another user, explaining that it’s more about how you place the rollers than how long they stay in.

As a longtime lover of fluffy hair, I’m excited. A low-maintenance way to add dimension and volume, plus I can multitask while the rollers work their magic. Sign me up.

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Main image: Negin Mirsalehi