how to do the bowl method for curly hair

The ‘Bowl Method’ is transforming the way women wash curly, coily and wavy hair

Using the bowl method to wash your hair can help curls hold onto hydration and lock in shine. 

As someone with curly hair, I know the fickle promise of wash day. Will my curls dry with bounce, shine and just enough definition? Or, will they tangle and frizz, resembling a triangle living its most triangular life? Often times it’s the latter. However, over on TikTok, women with curly, coily and wavy hair are guaranteeing a good hair day every day – all thanks to the burgeoning ‘bowl method’ trend. 

What is the bowl method for curly hair?

Characterised by the use of a bowl, leave-in styling products and a fair amount of patience, women are locking hydration and shine into their curls by repeatedly submerging their hair after washing. One video, by curly hair influencer @curlyzia.xo, has over 5 million views: 


Reply to @comegetyacurl beginning to end how I do the bowl method ☺️ this has helped so many curlies, I hope it will help you to! #bowlmethod #curly

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Why does the bowl method work so well?

Part hydration, part method, using a bowl instead of a steady stream of water from the shower helps to keep the hair saturated during washing – a technique that “clumps” the hair together for maximum absorption. 

“We always advise our customers to apply curl products onto soaking wet hair. This is because curls clump together better on wet hair as hair is smoothest when wet,” explains Lizzie Carter, founder of Only Curls. “Applying products to soaking wet hair creates the smoothest, frizz-free curls. The bowl method helps create amazing curl clumps and forces more water into the hair for extra hydration.” 

Aren’t you just rinsing off the product?

“Some of the product you apply will be rinsed off in the process, but since it goes back into the bowl that you reuse, some will reapply to the hair. The water will also help the product absorb better into the hair resulting in extra hydration,” says Carter.     

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How to do the bowl method

1) First wash and condition your hair as normal. Comb through your conditioner while the hair is wet. Rinse and step out of the shower.

2) Apply a curl cream and leave-in conditioner.

3) Fill a bowl with warm water. Dip your hair into the bowl, pop the bowl down and scrunch the water out. Allow the water to fall back into the bowl.

4) Repeat four times and lovely smooth curl clumps will have been created.

5) Scrunch in a styling product such as the Only Curls Enhancing Curl Gel or Mega Hold Gel to add hold and definition for long-lasting curls.

How to do the bowl method for wavy hair

How to do the bowl method for coily hair


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How to do the bowl method for dry curly hair

How to do the bowl method on short hair

How to do the bowl method on straight hair

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