Bread beauty supply review

Bread Beauty Supply review: “A guaranteed good curl day every time”

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Bursting full of Australian heritage ingredients to supercharge afro and curly hair types, Bread Beauty Supply is just over a year old and is already winning all the awards. Stylist contributor Ava Welsing-Kitcher details why it deserves all the hype. 

My group chat full of beauty industry friends caught a whiff of Bread Beauty Supply before it had even come out of the oven here in the UK. Glimpses of the pouch packaging were shared, along with the celery-coloured bottle of hair oil that we couldn’t wait to display in both our bathrooms and our Instagram stories. The brand promised a direct focus on all our curl types, ranging from 3a to 4c, and we kept each other updated on the progress of acquiring “the best thing since sliced bread.”

Spending ages perusing the brand’s Instagram and Sephora reviews showed me that it worked – and beautifully so, at that – on a truly diverse range of hair textures and types. Founder Maeva Helene has spoken out about how she felt called to create something to address the lack of diversity when it comes to afro and curly hair, something that would stand out and speak to consumers like herself in a way nothing had so far. With an initially minimal line-up of three Wash Day Essentials – a low-lather cleanser, deep conditioner, and hair oil – it was easy to slot Bread into my haircare routine when I finally got my hands on it. While I knew it would hit the spot for me aesthetically, I really wasn’t prepared to be so blown away by the product itself. 

The first thing I noticed was the scent. I’m not a fan of sweetly-scented beauty products at all – the most I can tolerate is a hint of vanilla – but unscrewing the lid on the Hair-Wash sent off a delicately sugarey waft of something so maddeningly familiar to me. Every time I use it, I spend a good couple of minutes racking through my memory catalogue trying to place a finger on what that scent is. In hindsight I could’ve checked the website, but the great mystery was finally solved during a recent interview with Helene, where she described the scent as “Fruit Loops cereal milk… there’s something just so comforting and nostalgic about that smell.” That soft, never-sickly smell that reminded me of summers in Californian diners and relatives’ suitcases bursting with corn syrup and E numbers had somehow been captured. As much as I love it, I don’t want to smell like it all the time – and luckily it doesn’t stick around after rinsing.

Hair-Wash’s texture is almost as satisfying as its smell; pillowy and creamy, but neither dense nor oily. It works up into a barely-there lather in no time despite looking and feeling like a traditional co-wash, which often gets a bad rap for causing scalp issues if used constantly in lieu of shampoo. If you’re a co-wash co-dependent, try switching over to this middle ground; it leaves my hair feeling satisfyingly refreshed from root to tip, but still has that day three movement and hydration without that day one fluff and slipperiness. Aloe vera and argan oil make it deeply nourishing and hydrating, while lemon juice clarifies the scalp without the need for excess bubbles every time. It’s won 18 awards and is just over a year old… now that’s what I call a wunderkind. 

Onto Hair-Mask, a silicone-free deep conditioner with lots of Australian kakadu plum, which has more vitamin C than any other fruit (that’s 50 time more than orange). The antioxidant helps our SPF work better on our skin while brightening, but its bonuses for the hair are more to do with keeping collagen and elastin levels as they should be on the hair and scalp – meaning more flexibility and strength. Borage oil, another Australian superstar (much like Helene herself), features as a nourisher and strengthener thanks to high levels of gamma-linoleic acid. It feels very similar to the cleanser, just thicker and more buttery, with the same Froot Loop scent. 

I can easily leave it in for five to 10 minutes, rinse 90% of it out, then air dry my hair without using another product and still have bouncy, shiny curls with just a touch of soft definition. Or, I can finish off with just a 5p coin-sized drop of the silky Hair-Oil on damp or dry hair for added lustre. Described as a “lipgloss for your hair,” which is how it feels in your palm, its finish on the hair is more like a slightly sheeny lip balm: zero grease or stickiness, just a gentle glow. My favourite way to get the most out of the oil is using it on unwashed, brushed-out curls that have had a very light spritz of water or leave-in conditioner – the oil seals in moisture without weighing down all of that extra volume.

With three new additions that have yet to reach UK shores, the Bread bakery is growing. A newly launched scalp duo, branching slightly out of the neutral stone packaging with bright green gingham, promises to calm and cool the skin with a serum and deep cleanse with a mud mask. Earlier this year saw the drop of a macadamia hair and body oil in a frosted glass bottle, and a tub of universal hair cream to repair and softly hold. The cream was something asked for by customers; the brand encourages people to join its international testing database, meaning we get to have a say in future launches and our opinion truly matters. Community-sourcing opinions is definitely a future route so many beauty brands could do with taking.

Images: Bread Beauty Supply/Ava Welsing-Kitcher

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