Brown hair trends: Ciara, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber

Brown hair colour trends, from warm caramel to dark chocolate

From warm caramel to dark chocolate, these are the brown hair colour trends to try this summer.

Brown hair has always drawn the short straw.

Fiery copper, platinum blonde and even watercolour blue are often coined the fun, vibrant hair colours to request at your salon appointment – and yes, they do look great – but brown hair doesn’t get anywhere near the credit it deserves.

From nutty and chocolatey hues to colours inspired by golden hour, there’s an impressively large catalogue of brown hair shades to choose from that will leave your hair looking glossy and healthy. Plus, there are plenty of hair colour finishes, including balayage, highlights, lowlights and ombré, which all work perfectly with rich shades of brown.

Here, we round up our favourite brown hair colour trends to inspire you ahead of your next salon appointment.

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Brown hair colour inspiration

  • Sunkissed brunette

    Picture this: you’re on a beach, the sun is shining and, as a result, your hair is shining. The sunkissed hair trend is all about achieving that golden hour finish – even when the sun has set. To achieve it, start with warm dark brown hair and get subtle golden streak highlights weaved throughout your hair, or a golden-toned gloss applied on top.

  • Honey brown

    Just as the name suggests, this hair colour is inspired by the golden colour of honey and is very similar to the ‘bronde’ (brunette/blonde) trend that took salons by storm a few years ago. This trend involves brunette hair that has hints of red or orange undertones, for a warm honey-hued richness. It’s the perfect shade to bridge the gap between summer and autumn, too.

  • Dark chocolate

    This is the perfect option for those who like darker hues but don’t want to go all the way to black. Actor Jessica Alba showed us how it’s done when her hairstylist, Brittney Ryan, transformed her hair from its signature honey blonde to dark chocolate. While the deeper tones make her hair look rich and glossy, lighter hints of brown come through when her hair captures the light.

  • Warm caramel

    One of our favourite shades for summer, the warm caramel hair trend involves layering your hair colours: on the base, you have a medium brown shade and on top, a coating of lighter honey-hued brown. If you prefer a low-maintenance look, opt for a base shade that is close to your natural hair colour.

  • Chestnut brown

    Chestnut brown hair is a gorgeous shade that perfectly balances brown and red hues for a deep finish. Thanks to the warmth of this colour, it works perfectly during any season and it leaves hair looking incredibly healthy.

  • Mocha chocolate

    While many dye their hair with lighter tones for summer, Bella Hadid has opted for a very dark brown. The cool-toned hair colour, which her hairstylist dubbed as “mocha chocolate”, involves a deep, rich brown all over the hair. To add some dimension, the look is finished with a very subtle chocolate brown running along the ends of the hair.

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