Cashmere Blonde

Cashmere blonde is the luxuriously soft hair trend you’re going to see everywhere in 2022

Created by mixing cool and warm blonde hues, cashmere blonde is still very different to balayage.

This autumn “expensive brunette” joined the burgeoning list of hair colours sweeping red carpets and Instagram feeds. This winter, though, we’re all about cashmere blonde. Luxuriously soft, light and diffused, the hair trend has picked up speed since the pandemic.

What is cashmere blonde?

“Cashmere blonde is a soft, luxurious blonde that is created by mixing cool and warm blonde hues that work in harmony together. It’s inspired by goat cashmere that is soft and smooth,” explains award-winning colour specialist Christel Barron-Hough, founder and creative director of Stil Salon

“This look differs from other blondes as it is light and extremely silky due to the choice of cooler and warmer tones. It’s hand-painted using a twinning weaving effect to ensure the finished look is smooth, light and soft, which can look very different to the effect that balayage has, for example.”

“Ever since lockdown lifted, we’ve noticed clients are choosing softer, more artisan colours. So, we’ve been doing a lot of cashmere blondes as people ask for something soft, kind and comforting. It’s the complete opposite to the bold ‘Scandi blonde’ look.” 

How to care for cashmere blonde hair

“This colour is low maintenance in some ways as the regrowth is very forgiving when growing out. However, it requires the use of a colour conditioner at home to maintain both the cool and warm blonde tones,” says Barron-Hough. 

“I love Wella’s Colour Fresh Masks as they contain tone to keep the colour looking fresh and vibrant, while also conditioning the hair.”

Main image: STIL Salon, Notting Hill. 

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