George Northwood Undone The Tools hairdryer, straightener and curling tong

George Northwood Undone The Tools: meet the affordable hair tools that match up to their luxury counterparts

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As the undisputed king of tousled waves, nabbing an appointment in George Northwood’s chair is no easy feat. Thankfully, he’s created the next best thing: a range of hi-spec hair tools that enable us mere mortals to emulate his signature styles at home.

I have to admit, I’ve long been blinded by the bright lights of super high-end, luxury hair tools. That’s not because I’m desperate to have the flashiest piece of beauty tech, but rather it’s because, traditionally-speaking, high street hair tools were once a false economy. You were lured in by the promise of a good deal, but without the power to reach super-high heats and the latest and greatest in plate technology, those clunky straighteners and curlers of yesteryear simply fried hair and did very little by way of actual styling. 

However, when I heard that George Northwood (the sought-after celebrity hairstylist behind both Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung’s hair) had designed a range of hi-tech but fundamentally affordable tools available at Boots, my interest was certainly piqued. No hairdresser (especially no hairdresser of his calibre) would surely put their name to a set of rubbish tools, right?


Comprising a hairdryer, straightening iron and curling tong, the range has been expertly engineered to Northwood’s exacting requirements when it comes to materials, ergonomics and temperature control and join his existing line-up of hair care products.

“My collection would not have been complete without my tools – these will help you to achieve the look of some of my much-loved muses,” George shared in the press release. “The range is called UNDONE, because this reflects my signature style, but I also want to ‘undo’ the maze of hair. Head over to my social channels where you’ll find tutorials on how to achieve my signature looks using the full range.”

Want to see what I, a self-confessed hair styling snob, thought of the three new tools? Read my full review below.

George Northwood Undone The Tools review

  • The quick-dry hairdryer

    George Northwood Undone Blow Dry It Hairdryer
    George Northwood Undone Blow Dry It Hairdryer

    I detest drying my hair. To bring out the best in my curls, I have to use a diffuser and sit with my head upside down, drying the hair from underneath, which can take ages. That’s one of the reasons I really enjoyed using Northwood’s hairdryer: it works fast. Granted, it may not be as speedy at drying as a Dyson Supersonic (and that’s one of the key selling points of the Supersonic) but I did notice it cut my drying time significantly.

    It comes with a handful of attachments (including a diffuser, ideal for anyone with curly or afro hair) and I also love that it not only has five heat settings but also five wind speed settings, so you can control just how much volume and movement you want (or don’t want) in your hair.

    Shop George Northwood Undone Blow Dry It Hairdryer at Boots, £65

  • The easy-glide hair straighteners

    George Northwood Undone Straighten or Wave It Flat Iron
    George Northwood Undone Straighten or Wave It Flat Iron

    Ever since I got curtain bangs, I’ve found myself reaching for my straighteners more often, simply to help me achieve that bouncy height in the hairline. This flat iron made that job very easy and they also made creating a flat wave a doddle too. The super shiny plates are made of tourmaline so they glide without a hitch and the universal voltage means they’ll work all over the world, when we’re finally allowed to travel it!

    The only half-criticism I could give them (and granted I’m being a little ridiculous here) is that they’re a little too new. My hair can be a beast to straighten and it’s the grip of my 11-year-old (and admittedly fairly grubby) ghds that really creates the tension required to pull it out to poker straight in a single pass, but I’m pretty sure most people will love (and benefit from) the silkiness of the plates.

    Shop George Northwood Undone Straighten or Wave It Flat Iron at Boots, £55

  • The tousled-wave curling tong

    George Northwood Undone Curl It Tongs
    George Northwood Undone Curl It Tongs

    If you’ve ever attempted a soft, undefined wave but ended up with a tight tubular ringlet, you might actually be able to blame your tools for once. Northwood designed this curling tong to have a longer-than-normal barrel that measures up to a substantial 26mm wide. Why? Because these particulars are key to creating a loose curl instead of a tight one.

    I can attest. I held the hair-wrapped tong to my head for five or so seconds and released it to find one of those satisfying undulating waves I’ve never been able to create before.

    Better still, you can dial up the heat from 120-210°C. While the hotter heats ensure the tong works on even coarser, thicker or coilier hair types, as a general rule, less heat equals less hold, so if you want a style that looks undone from the get-go, start cooler.

    Shop George Northwood Undone Curl It Tongs at Boots, £65

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