How to refresh flat, greasy hair, according to Ariana Grande’s hairstylist

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Ariana Grande

Has the heat and humidity left your hair feeling a little… flat? Ariana Grande’s hairstylist Josh Liu shared his tips on how to refresh your hair quickly.

Now that we’re officially in summer, you may have noticed your hair gets greasy between washes a lot quicker.

A combination of sweat from the heat and moisture from the humidity can cause our scalps to get oily which can also make your hair appear limp and flat. Of course, you could wash your hair more often but in all honesty, who has the time and patience?

Thankfully, Ariana Grande’s longtime hairstylist Josh Liu shared his trick for reviving flat, greasy hair in an Instagram Reel – and it’s really easy.

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Liu says you need to start by spraying dry shampoo throughout the roots of your hair, working section by section. He adds: “Be sure to use a little extra on areas that are a little more oily”. Let the dry shampoo sit for two to five minutes so that it can fully absorb any excess oil before rubbing it in.

For most of us, this is where we’d usually stop but Liu has a couple of extra steps to ensure your hair stays refreshed all day long.

He follows up with strong hold hairspray, spritzing it around the top of the hair. Not only does this help to seal the dry shampoo in, it also holds up any volume and lift you’ve gotten from the dry shampoo, meaning your hair won’t slowly fall flat in the heat and humidity.

To further lock in the dry shampoo, Liu then runs a hairdryer along the top of his head to blow dry the products into your hair.

When you’re done, your hair will not only be free of oil and grease, it’ll also have some volume in the roots, making it look freshly styled. Just off to try this ourselves…

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