Mixie cut: the pixie-mullet mash-up that’s this season’s edgiest hair trend

From Rihanna to Demi Lovato, celebrities aplenty are rocking the trending pixie-mullet hair hybrid. Here’s how to get the edgy mixie cut yourself, according to the UK’s top hairdressers. 

Potentially the edgiest haircut of the year, the mixie is a cross between a (still trending) mullet and a pixie: short at the front and longer and choppier at the back. 

The look was first popularised by Úrsula Corberó in Netflix’s Money Heist and rides on the coattails of the wolf/shag retro hair renaissance. As it has more length than your average pixie, it’s a great style if you want to be experimental while growing out your super-short cut, too.  

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We spoke to some of the nation’s best-loved stylists to get their take on the trend and help you decide whether you’re ready to mix(ie) things up this autumn… Scissors at the ready. 

What is the mixie cut? 

Spanish actor Corberó debuted a cropped mullet cut as Tokyo in Money Heist. It’s a cut that captures the retro hair mood of the moment and is a lot cuter than it sounds.

It comes as no surprise that the queen of experimental style, Rihanna, is the one to take the trend to the next level with cropped baby bangs at the front, more length at the sides and back, movement through the hair and a little volume. The cut is also a stepping stone towards a full mullet, should you be that way inclined.

Earl Simms, whose client list includes Victoria Beckham (who could definitely rock a mixie cut, no?), told Stylist: “The mixie is a bit retro, with inspiration from the 1970s; it’s carefree and young. It will work for people of any age – it’s all about an attitude and how you dress.” 

Ghd global ambassador Adam Reed agrees: “It’s a bit 70s – think Joan Jett. It’s feminine and easy to achieve; I absolutely love it. I like it for its versatility and its young, fresh, easy-going modernity.”

Need inspiration? 

So, will the look work for you? In short (and with a little more length at the back), yes. Whatever your hair colour or texture, there’s a version of this cut for you.

Corberó and Miley Cyrus are among the A-list fans of the look to take inspiration from.

YouTuber Bretman Rock (who recently became Playboy’s first ever openly gay male cover star), is also a source of some serious mixie cut inspiration.  

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Rihanna wears her pixie mullet with a little extra length at the back, giving her 2013 mullet moment a fresh 2021 face.

If you were wondering whether the look will work on curly hair? The answer is yes. But you might want to consider keeping the hair slightly longer at the front, à la Tory Dene.

How to style a mixie cut

How you style the mixie crop depends largely on your hair type (and how much attention you’d like your hair to attract). Those with super-straight locks should add some movement for the full effect. 

“It should look natural but you need a bit of movement in it, so put texture in with a waving iron or bend the hair with a tong and use a teeny bit of product,” advises Simms. “Or, create texture by drying with a diffuser, but do not overdo it!” 

Adam Reed also recommends adding texture, with a mini styler: “To style this look I would use the ghd Unplugged to add small kinks, additional texture, tousles to the hair and to detail the ends. You can bend the ends or top to create a very piece-y look.”

Celebrity stylist Kieron Lavine told Stylist: “You can style afro hair into a mullet shape, unless you have looser or straighter afro hair

“There are many different types of afro hair, so the style would have to be edited to suit. If you have afro hair and don’t want to commit to the full cut, you can always pin the hair to create a faux mixie.”

He also recommends ensuring hair is super clean to encourage maximum volume and movement: “Clarify the hair and scalp to help promote volume and rid the scalp of impurities which tends to weigh the hair down. My favourite way to do this is with the Monpure clarifying scalp scrub, it exfoliates away dead skin using biodegradable jojoba beads, but doesn’t leave it feeling dry because it uses nourishing argan oil extract and shea butter.”

Whatever your hair type, just make the mixie your own. Reed told us: “You can make it smooth or funkier, you can have it tucked down or tuck the back bits away. With the mixie, you would initially go shorter at the top and longer at the back; however, I would keep it looking longer and softer to really bring out the versatility of the look.” 

Before you cut…

Will the mixie still be a ‘thing’ next season? Since it’s quite a statement, how likely is it that we’ll regret going for the chop? Lavine says: “I think it’s still pretty fresh. Not many people have discovered it as of yet, so we’ll be seeing it for another season with a few tweaks to its finish.” 

Reed agrees: “This cut never goes out of fashion. I think because the mullet was so big last year, the mixie is getting more interest this year. This is one of those universal haircuts that you can wear at any time. It’s always in fashion and it is one of my favourite styles right now.” 

Still not convinced? We’ll give you some time to mullet over.  

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