These are officially the 25 most popular hairstyles on Instagram right now

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Social media has spoken and the top 25 most popular hairstyles around the world have been revealed. From braids to bobs, mohawk to mullets, we’ve got all the hair inspiration you’ll ever need…

What did we do before Instagram? From home decor hacks to viral beauty tricks, Instagram is often our first port of call when we need a daily dose of inspiration. Heading to the hairdressers? No doubt you’ll have scrolled through a fair few hair hashtags or saved a bunch of styles on your feed before you go. In fact, if you search for #hairstyle on Instagram you’re currently met with over 85.2 million posts and that number’s growing, daily. 

But how can you filter out the rubbish and get through to the very best hair content the app has to share? Well, Instagram recently revealed the most popular hairstyles across the world and the results are in. While some popular styles are fairly obvious, others are… more surprising.

Whether you’re in need of some hair inspo or you’re simply interested in seeing what the data suggests, keep scrolling for Instagram’s most popular hairstyles 2021…

25/ Fishtail Plait

Not your average plait, searches for fishtail plait (where skinnier pieces of hair come to meet in the middle) are currently at 18,200. Impressive. 

24/ Long Bangs

Growing ‘em out or considering having a fringe cut in? If you’re considering face-framing pieces, long bangs are the way to go.

23/ Bubble Ponytail

We love a bubble pony and it turns out we’re not the only ones. Searches for bubble ponytail currently stand at 25,500. 

22/ Choppy Bob

Considering a chop? We love a textured, choppy bob like this one from celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess.

21/ Modern Shag

The modern shag hairstyle blew up on TikTok earlier this year, so much so that searches are currently at 33,823 for the viral hairstyle. 

20/ One Length

Sometimes simple is best, which is why people searching for ‘one length’ hair makes the list.

19/ French Plait

Ahh, you can’t beat a french plait. This chunky one below is seriously beautiful.

18/ Asymmetrical Bob

For us, asymmetrical bobs conjure up memories of peak 00s hair but it turns out they’re still popular – with searches standing at 73,946.

17/ Graduated Bob

…and what’s even more popular than an asymmetric bob? The graduated bob! Same, same but different.

16/ Curtain Bangs

Similar to long bangs, searches for curtain bangs are even more popular, with hashtags currently standing at 162,319. 

15/ High Ponytail

You can thank Ariana Grande for the resurgence of high ponytails. This popular style currently has over 219,568 hashtags on instagram, and counting!

14/ Short Bob

Shorter hairstyles are in, with searches for short bob coming up at 289,770.

13/ Plait

The simple plait, whether it’s fishtail, french or dutch, searches for your go-to ‘plait’ hairstyle prove seriously popular. No surprises there. 

12/ Space Buns

Another social-media fuelled hairstyle, space buns have become popular again over the last couple of years. They give us ultra 90s vibes. 

11/ Buzz Cut

It looks like people are heading to Instagram before considering a buzz cut hairstyle, with hashtags for buzzcut coming in at 530,552.

10/ Mullet

We can thank Miley Cyrus for bringing back the mullet. This opinion-dividing hairstyle comes in at 10th place!

9/ Pigtails

Baby Spice is back thanks to a resurgence of pigtail hairstyles. There’s currently over a million hashtags for the hairstyle.

8/ Messy Bun

A classic. The messy bun currently has 1,300,000 hashtags – and that number’s growing daily. 

7/ Big Chop

We love a hair transformation pic and it turns out the rest of the world does too. Searches for ‘big chop’ currently stand at 1,394,447.

6/ Fade

More popular for men and those with buzzcuts, skin fades come into the list at number 6. 

5/ Bob

An oldie but a goodie, the classic bob isn’t going anywhere with searches currently at 2,054,234.

4/ Pixie Cut

People looking for pixie cut inspiration are in luck as there’s over 2,200,000 hashtags for the look. In fact, there are whole accounts dedicated to pixie cut celebrity hair inspo, like our favourite below. 

3/ Mohawk

We’re not going to lie… this one surprised us. At number 3 the mohawk comes in. Which left us with only one option for our inspiration pic – Queen of the Mohawk, P!nk.

2/ Undercut

Another fairly surprising one, searches for undercut (where the hair is shaved underneath and left long on top) currently sit at 2,668,621.

1/ Braids

Ahhh, it’s not surprising that the number one spot belongs to braids. Beautiful braids in all their glory, Instagram is currently home to 17,800,573 hashtags on braids. So if you’re in need of inspiration, you know where to head…

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