Euphoria 90s Hairstyles

Euphoria is drawing heavily on iconic 00s hairstyles this season

While the show is as tense as ever, the make-up, hair, and beauty talent remains unparalleled.

Is watching Euphoria fun? I’ve grappled with this question since first starting series one, deep in darkest lockdown last year. Because, between the sexual violence, general gore, drug abuse, and the (somewhat) glamourised portrayal of addiction-related trauma, I never know if I’m having fun or, as is probably the case, swept away by the inimitable fashion, hair, nails, and make-up.

Unsurprisingly, the season two premiere was no different: Cassie hid in a bathtub for wholly longer than necessary, Fez played soft and hard in equal measure, Lexi was a caring voice of reality, and it all ended in blood. It seems my nervous system and Euphoria are set to do battle again. Fortunately, revelling in the incredible beauty talent on display stayed the same – especially, the nostalgic 00s inspired hairstyles.

Zig-zag hairband

Euphoria 90s Hairstyles

Yes, we’ve seen them more recently on supermodels like Bella Hadid, but zig-zag headbands, at their core, are a functional item sent straight from 1995. A continuous loop of stretchy teeth, they scrape hair away from the face and keep a style under continuous tension. 

However, unlike Maddy, I’m sure the majority of us didn’t have our personal style, faultless make-up, and bulletproof attitude sorted out when we wore them. 

Diamante clips

Diamanté clips are a fun, frivolous reminder that jewellery shouldn’t stop just because our hairlines start. As seen on Cassie (someone I became increasingly concerned for as the episode progressed), the outline of sparkle helped deflect from the general horror of her interactions with The Worst Man In The World, not to mention that iconic towel moment.

Blunt bob

Euphoria 90s hairstyles

Charged with emotion, Jules’ choppy blunt bob provided cool relief when the tension in episode one reached boiling point. Highly reminiscent of Keira Knightley’s same-named character in Bend It Like Beckham, the 00s bob is effortlessly casual, a perfect choice to publicly confront your ex over a campfire. 

Heidi braid

Euphoria 90s hairstyles

Thank god for Lexi and her nostalgic Heidi braid: a sweet reminder that Euphoria is as much about the surprising moments between disparate personalities as it is about chain link vests and violence. More Pinterest-core than anything else in the series, we all need a little more big-sister Lexi in our lives.

Main image: HBO

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