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Pretty Damn Good: the shampoo and conditioner duo that soothes this beauty entrepreneur’s sensitive scalp

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Welcome to Stylist’s Pretty Damn Good, a weekly series in which different women share the one product – across hair care, skincare, make-up, body and fragrance – that remains a forever staple in their beauty routines.

After experiencing acne, rosacea and peri-oral dermatitis as a child and teenager, Lune Martens was surprised when these skin issues came back at the age of 21.

To improve her skin health, Martens visited multiple doctors, dermatologists, nutritionists and allergy experts, which helped her pinpoint her skin’s triggers. It was at this point that Martens realised there was a gap in the market for enjoyable and luxury skincare products that were created for easily irritated or sensitive skin.

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This is how her skincare brand Monday Muse was born. Martens created its formulas alongside a leading chemist with reactive, acne-prone, rosacea and sensitive skin types in mind. The results so far include a daily serum, vitamin face oil, gua sha and, we’re sure, more formulas in the pipeline.

So as a busy beauty entrepreneur who is constantly developing formulas and researching ingredients, what’s the one product Martens relies on day-to-day? Here, she tells us.

Lune Martens

“I can’t go without Rahua’s Hydrating Shampoo, £32, and Hydrating Conditioner, £34. I discovered this hair duo only recently but, after a few months, I have already seen great results. I think with shampoo and conditioner you can tell pretty quickly if it is going to work for you or not.

“Someone at a beauty shop in Amsterdam recommended it to me after I told her about my sensitive scalp. She could relate to my issue and told me that she had a really great experience with this particular shampoo. I had heard of Rahua before so I was keen to try it out. They have a lot of options in their range but upon recommendation, I chose the Hydrating range.

“I have been dealing with scalp issues (flaking and itching) ever since we first went into lockdown. I have been testing and trying new haircare products for the past year-and-a-half to try to solve the issue. This is one of the few shampoos that cleans my hair without leaving my scalp feeling itchy or irritated in the long run.

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“I wash my hair every three or four days and massage the shampoo into my scalp before rinsing it out. I then go in with the conditioner and will let that sit for a few minutes before washing it out. Afterwards, I gently brush it with a comb and let it air dry.

“My skin in general is quite reactive and delicate so I am always looking for products that are gentle yet effective and these two formulas have been really doing well with my sensitive scalp.

“I never used to care for my scalp much, until I started to see my hair become damaged and dealt with scalp irritation. This made me realise that we can’t forget about this part of our body. I now focus on gentle products, as well as a pre-wash oil treatment on my scalp at least once a week, and it’s healthier than ever.”

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