5 reasons you should start showing your scalp more love

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Good hair care isn’t all about the strands themselves. Here’s why it’s all about the scalp…

While we’re all conscious of not using too much heat on our hair, in the habit of throwing on a deep conditioner, and au fait with getting regular trims to keep our split ends at bay, when it comes to our scalp things are a little less clear cut.

Despite it providing a home for our locks, most of us are guilty of overlooking our scalp as it’s often out of sight.

Here’s why you should be paying it closer attention…

  • 1. It has the same needs as your skin

    Just because it’s covered in hair, doesn’t mean you can turn a blind eye to your scalp.

    “The scalp is covered by skin, so in many ways it has all the same properties and needs of the skin on the rest of your body,” explains dermatologist Dr Cristina Psomadakis.

    “Diseases that impact the skin elsewhere can also affect the scalp, such as eczema and psoriasis.”  

  • 2. Your hair is impacted by its health

    While your scalp is made up of skin, not taking good care of it can lead to issues with your hair.

    “Certain scalp conditions can cause hair loss, which can be temporary or result in permanent scarring of the hair follicle,” says Psomadakis.

    “Hair loss can be due to overgrowth of a fungus or bacteria on the scalp, or due to an autoimmune condition like lupus or an inflammatory condition such as psoriasis. 

    “Ultimately, if something is not right with your scalp you want to see a dermatologist to get the right diagnosis.”  

  • 3. Products are catching up

    While in the past good scalp health was a hard thing to put into practise, these days many brands are developing formulas that put it front and centre. 

    Vichy’s Dercos range puts scalp and haircare at the forefront by using innovative and scientifically-backed ingredients,” explains Psomadakis.

    “The range includes products for tackling a variety of hair and scalp concerns including dandruff, hair thinning, over-processed hair, product build-up and oily or dry scalps. 

    “I find that people tend take care of their face but scalp and haircare is often neglected. 

    “Our scalp has its own microbiome, a delicate balance of microorganisms, which when disrupted can lead to skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, a common cause of dandruff.

    “Many dandruff shampoos can be harsh and drying, whereas the Dercos range is both incredibly effective and gentle. 

    “It contains 1% Selenium Disulfide, a potent ingredient against dandruff, and 1% Salicylic Acid, in a formula that is enriched with scalp soothers like ceramides and glycerin. 

    “Over the years I have heard lots of positive feedback from the range, and I know how effective it is for tackling dandruff.”

  • 4. It isn’t immune to sun damage

    Just because we’re heading into winter, doesn’t mean sun damage ceases to be a thing, and as we know, the British weather has been known to throw the odd bit of curveball sunshine our way.

    “People often forget to protect their scalp from UV, but it is skin too and it is not unheard of to get skin cancers in the scalp, especially if you have hair loss,” says Psomadakis.

    “I always recommend putting sunscreen on your hair parting and wearing a hat on sunny days.”

  • 5. It can impact your confidence

    Looking after your scalp isn’t just beneficial for the skin itself, but can also have a knock-on effect when it comes to your confidence.

    “People often express a great amount of embarrassment if they are suffering from a scalp or hair condition,” says Psomadakis.

    “We should not underestimate the profound psychosocial impact it can have on people’s lives. 

    “The traditional cause of dandruff is overgrowth of a yeast called malassezia and the medical name is seborrheic dermatitis. It is very common, and the best way to control it is with special yeast balancing shampoos. 

    “One of my favourites is the Dercos dandruff range by Vichy. The most common mistake people make is to wash it off too quickly; it is important to let the lather soak into the scalp for several minutes before washing off.”

Build your scalpcare routine with Vichy Dercos. The pioneering brand has 50 years of research in hair and scalp dermatology and is focused on treating at the root for long-lasting results.