5 hacks to prepare your hair for summer

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Warmer climes don’t have to be all split ends and sunburn…

By now we’ve all come to terms with the fact that this summer probably won’t mean piling onto a plane and fighting for towel space on a crowded beach.

We also know that the UK still likes to throw us some sun, soaring temperatures and the kind of summer spirit that doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive with going abroad.

And while we’re well-versed in slathering on the SPF to get our skin ready for such occasions, what about our hair?

Here are five hacks to make sure it’s ready for whatever summer throws at us…

  • 1. Don't forget your scalp

    A woman with braids

    When it comes to sunburn, a damaged scalp is particularly unpleasant. 

    Not only is it up there in terms of the sore factor, it also leads to a flaky scalp which then finds its way into your hair.

    Thankfully, there’s a solution that doesn’t require you to slather thick lotion onto your parting.

    To avoid scalp burn, mix a tablespoon of SPF50 suncream with half a cup of water and then transfer it to a spray bottle. 

    Give the exposed areas of your scalp a spritz and you’re good to go.

  • 2. Give your hair the full treatment

    A woman combing her hair

    Despite popular opinion, you don’t have to raid your kitchen cupboards for a long-winded, messy egg concoction to slather on your hair to give it the best chance of surviving summer without looking like straw.

    In fact, you can get your tresses looking strong and shiny in a matter of seconds with the right hero product. 

    Matrix High Amplify Shine Rinse is an eight-second hair treatment that uses lamellar technology, that works to add shine to your locks while detangling and smoothing it.

    The brand is rooted in professional haircare expertise and formulas while this treatment has been touted as the equivalent of the ‘glass skin’ skincare trend, but for your hair.

    Just shampoo your hair as normal and then gently squeeze out excess water with your hands. 

    Then, apply the treatment in a zig-zag motion, lather the water-like product and wait eight seconds before rinsing.

  • 3. Keep your neck cool

    A woman putting her hair up

    When the sun’s out you don’t want to worry about your hair sticking to the back of your neck. 

    Siobhan Jones, creative director at Blush and Blow London suggests going for an easy hair fix to make sure you’re keeping cool while looking chic.

    For textured hair, she suggests embracing your curls with a half-up, half-down look that gives the space bun a playful and more modern approach.

    1. Style your curls as normal.

    2. Take an irregular section from ear to ear and divide at the centre, parting into two pieces.

    3. On your left section, secure into a small pony with an elastic band.

    4. Create a loose braid all the way to the ends of the ponytail and secure at the tip with an elastic band.

    5. Pull out the braid to make it wider and less structured.

    6. Wrap the braid around the elastic band that you secured at the base of the ponytail earlier. This will create a braided bun.

    7. Secure with kirby grips.

    8. Repeat on the right side.

    For untextured hair, Jones suggests a twisted half-up, half-down look that can either be worn straight or with waves.

    1. Part your hair in a middle parting.

    2. Take a section from your left side and divide into two.

    3. Twist the two sections around each other, starting at the root.

    4. Continue to twist, moving along the strands and travelling towards the back of your head, but add a new section of hair from the hairline to your forming twist braid after every two twists.

    5. Continue this until you reach the crown and secure with a clip for now.

    6. Repeat the twist on the right side.

    7. Take out the clips and connect both twists at the crown with a hair band.

    8. Create a circular gap in the hair on top of the hair band and pull the ends of your twisted braids through it.

  • 4. Chlorine-proof your hair

    A woman in the shower

    If you’re diving into a swimming pool or taking a dip in the sea, you want to be able to go all in without worrying about getting your hair wet. 

    To make sure you can enjoy the full effect of cooling off without sacrificing the health of your hair, try wetting your hair with regular tap water beforehand.

    With dry hair, your strands absorb the chlorine or salt-filled water, whereas by saturating your hair with regular water you’re giving the damaging elements less room to spread out. 

    Ultimately, it’s an extra barrier of protection against dryness for your hair. 

  • 5. Strategise your snacks

    A woman drinking a glass of water

    We’re all victims of treating the problem and not the cause when it comes to our hair. 

    To give your hair the best chance possible as we head into summer, make sure you’re upping your water intake to keep yourself hydrated inside and out. 

    Your hair will also thank you for introducing snacks rich in hair-happy biotin, protein, zinc and vitamin C, all of which promote healthy hair growth. 

    Stock up on the likes of nuts, strawberries, melon, grapes, blueberries and wholegrains, and nibble as you go.

Keep your hair looking shiny and tangle-free for summer and beyond with Matrix High Amplify Shine Rinse.

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