summer hair trends 2022

5 hair trends that will be everywhere this summer according to a celebrity hairstylist

Speaking exclusively to Stylist, Tom Smith shares his predictions for the season ahead. 

As we begin to enjoy warmer days and milder evenings, hair trends that evoke ease and joy are popping up everywhere. From refreshed waves to nostalgic 90s partings and piecey up-dos, this summer is about embracing natural textures, extreme lengths, and high and tight hairstyles. Read on for the summer hair trends which leading hairstylist and Evo international creative director Tom Smith predicts will be staples in our styling routines.

1. The Botticelli bob

summer hair trends 2022 botticelli bob
Summer hair trends 2022: a Botticelli bob on actor Laura Harrier.

“We’ve been seeing Botticelli waves (also known as water waves and ruffle waves) throughout spring and the celebrity commitment to this trend reached an all-time high at the Met Gala. Think Kaia Gerber and Sophie Turner.

“Botticelli waves are characterised by a middle parting and minimal volume at the roots with a thatched, slightly triangular silhouette to the hair. There is something very free and youthful about the texture and it has characteristics of playfulness and authenticity. 

“Recently, we’ve seen Botticelli waves largely styled on extremely long lengths, utilising hair extensions and red carpet styling but, as we move into summer, that amount of hair can be overpowering and uncomfortable. I predict we will retain the ruffled texture but begin to see it embraced on shorter lengths – making the trend more accessible for more people.”

Ask your stylist to… 

“Work with your natural waves (if you have them) to create a stacked bob that allows your waves to thatch out in the Botticelli style. 

“If you don’t have natural waves and your hair is healthy and you’re really committed to trying the Botticelli wave trend you could consider a perm. However, many people may prefer to set the wave with braids or small curling iron to achieve this look.”

2. 90s middle partings

summer hair trends 2022 90s middle part
Summer hair trends 2022: a 90s middle parting on model Kendall Jenner.

“Potentially inspired by the Botticelli wave trend, I’m noticing a movement towards middle partings. An easy element that can be introduced on many different hair lengths and textures, a middle parting can be a great way to switch up your look if you don’t normally wear your hair in the middle. 

“Seen on various celebrities, it doesn’t matter if the hair is straight, wavy, up or down – a middle parting celebrates precision and attention to detail that automatically makes you look more put together.”

How to do the 90s middle parting…

“To create a precise middle parting, use a pin-tail comb to trace back from the centre of your hairline. You can find this by tracing up from the bridge of your nose or between your eyebrows to make sure you’ve got a perfect, symmetrical position. 

“Stand squarely in front of a mirror, with balanced posture (not slouching or resting your weight to one side) to make sure you get the perfect straight line. 

“It’s best to create your middle parting while your hair is freshly washed and still slightly damp. This will allow you to effectively train your hair to sit in this position until it’s time for your next hair wash. 

“If one side of your hair is bumpy, comb it straight down while it’s still damp and tuck it behind your ear, using a section clip to hold the hair down if necessary. If you leave it in this position until it’s at least 50% dry you’ll have more control over any bumpiness as you proceed through the rest of your hair styling.”

3. Sculptural up-dos

summer hair trends 2022 sculptural updos
Summer hair trends 2022: a structural up-do on artist Megan Thee Stallion.

“I predict this trend will prevail at festivals throughout the summer as people become tired of the typical looks we so often see there. We’ve seen architectural and heavily designed up-styles on various celebrities in recent weeks such as Megan Thee Stallion, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Billie Eilish and Vanessa Hudgens.”

Ask your stylist for…

“A high fashion, lifted, tight, ‘up’ style that uses product to give a glass-like shine on the hair. We’re seeing structural edges perfected by moulding the tips of the hair into spikes using hairspray and straightening irons which can be achieved by the more experienced hairstylist. 

If you’re doing it yourself…

“To achieve this look at home try using a styling mousse or gel (I like the Evo MacGyver Multi-use Mousse, £21), saturating it throughout the hair. Then, create a high ponytail. Next, take sections of your ponytail and twist them in random directions using hairpins to secure them. Remember, there aren’t any rules with this particular style – so, use your artistic license to create whatever shape you like. 

“You could even do this style with a middle parting and play around with pinning the hair higher on top of your head or at the nape of your neck. You could even create two twisted buns on either side of a middle parting, too, which definitely lends the look more towards festival hair.”

4. Rapunzel lengths

summer hair trends 2022 rapunzel lengths
Summer hair trends 2022: Rapunzel lengths on actor Anya Taylor-Joy.

“The name of this trend makes it seem pretty self-explanatory, but we are seeing a lot of extremely long hair at the moment. It’s been seen recently on Simone Ashley, Kim Kardashian and Anya Taylor Joy, as well as Blake Lively amongst others. This look is often achieved with extensions which may be a good choice if you want to try this trend out for summer.”

How to get this style…

“Tape extensions can be an efficient and cost-effective way to add a lot of extra lengths. They are quick to install, can be removed very quickly and can last between six and eight weeks. The hair can also be reused – which means you can remove them and save them for a holiday, event, or when you feel like wearing extra length again.”

5. Sky-high pony

summer hair trends 2022 sky high pony
Summer hair trends 2022: a sky-high ponytail on actor and Honest Beauty founder Jessica Alba.

“I think we have Selling Sunset to thank for this trend, and perhaps #hairtok, too! (The sub-category of TikTok which celebrates hairstyling tutorials and DIY hairstyles.) This style is all about ponytails that sit right above the crown of the head, lift the face and move and swing as the wearer walks – exuding elegance and confidence.”

How to do a sky-high pony…

“This style works best on hair longer than shoulder-length, so the ponytail can be long enough to ‘swish’ when secured high on the head. Use a bungee (like the Evo Mister Fantastic Hair Tie Bungee) rather than a classic hairband is a great way of securing the ponytail high and tight and avoiding slipping. It’s also a good idea to use hairspray and a toothbrush to polish the edges by laying the fluffy hairline hairs down.”

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