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Undone by George Northwood review: this haircare range delivers effortless, wavy hair in a bottle

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George Northwood is the stylist behind Alexa Chung’s signature waves and Meghan Markle’s wedding hair – and now, you can achieve the same hairstyles with his haircare range.

George Northwood’s hairstyling credentials are seriously impressive.

He has been Alexa Chung’s go-to stylist for over a decade. In fact, the effortless, undone bob that is now known as the “Alexa” is Northwood’s signature haircut. He’s also the man behind Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s bouncy blow dry and Claudia Winkleman’s fringe.

Northwood is also the go-to hairstylist for Meghan Markle, having toured the world with her. He was even responsible for creating Markle’s iconic hairstyles for wedding in 2018.

So, it made sense when Northwood decided to launch his very own haircare range earlier this year, eponymously named Undone by George Northwood.

“It’s aimed at the hair everybody wants – an effortless, ‘undone’ style but we also want to undo the maze of hair,” explains Northwood.

Northwood’s haircare products consist of four categories: Undirty, Undamaged, Unparched and Unpolluted. “I’ve always felt that a lot of hair brands talk in a way that can be too technical and might bamboozle people,” he says. “So, we really played around with the language to make it super straightforward.”

And he has nailed it. Just a quick scan of the products will quickly show you which one is best suited to your hair type. The brand has also extended into styling products, all of which are clearly named – Volume Spray, Wave Holding Spray and Moisturising Cream – to cut out the confusion when it comes to shopping. And when you find a product you want, you’ll be pleased to see it comes with an affordable price point, too.

“We wanted to create something that was available to everyone,” he says. “It was about producing something with the efficacy of a high-end brand, so really high-performing ingredients, and also accessible price-wise for everyone.”

But that’s not all. All of the products are completely recyclable, including the pumps.

Since launching, Northwood says the Undirty range has been hugely popular. “But the product I use the most in the salon is the Hair Moisturiser – everybody loves it,” he says. “It’s a really simple product – you can put it in your hair when it’s wet or dry – and it’s been a real hit.”

Keen to try something for yourself? We round up every hair care product in the range.

Every haircare product in Undone by George Northwood

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