Harry Styles Pleasing Beauty Brand Launch

Harry Styles has just launched his beauty brand, Pleasing. Here’s everything you need to know

Founded to create boundary-pushing, joy-led products, Harry Styles’ new fragrance and beauty brand, Pleasing, is finally here. 

In case you missed it Harry Styles has finally gone public with his long-anticipated launch, Pleasing. The beauty brand (registered and rubber-stamped by Companies House on 25 May 2021) first made waves six months ago, kickstarting rumblings the singer was set to launch his own cosmetic line.

Well, almost half a year later, we have news: Pleasing has launched with an Instagram account (@pleasing) and website, with excited users able to pre-order via sign-up.

Plus, we can finally confirm Pleasing’s first product drop: a joyful four-part range of shimmering nail polishes (black, white, pink and translucent), a pearlescent illuminating serum and a double-ended cooling eye gel and matte lip oil

From the off, Pleasing seems to be inspired by Styles’ soft, sparkling, fluid style.

“From nail polish to skincare to anything else we find pleasing, we take inspiration from the way nature adorns itself and the multitude of unique identities in our community,” the Pleasing missive (included with purchases) states. “We believe by exploring the contradictions around and within us, we dispel the myth of a binary existence.”

The nail polishes are topped with celestial orbs, swirling colours and imbued with a pearl-like sheen. The shades have been aptly named after pearl variations, including Perfect Pearl, Inky Pearl, Pearly Tops and Granny’s Pink Pearls.

Then, the illuminating serum is designed to be worn alone or under make-up, leaving a diffused (again, pearlescent) glow to the skin.

Finally, the double-ended Pleasing Pen eye gel and matte lip oil pen is designed to be taken on the go – infused with hyaluronic salt to refresh tired skin and hydrate under-eyes and nourishing marshmallow extract for thirsty lips. 

Stylist beauty director, Shannon Peter, was one of the first to try the new products: 

“I must confess, as a Harry Styles superfan, I am a little bit biased but I was very excited to have the new products land on my doorstep this morning,” she says. “I’ve only tried the nail polishes so far, which seem to go on smoothly, and the packaging is amazing.”

While there’s no official release date yet, there is speculation that Pleasing will drop at the end of November. So, stay tuned, folks – Harry Styles is entering the beauty ring. 

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