4 travel beauty dilemmas and how to solve them

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We count down the days until we’re on a sunlounger living our best life, but often our skin decides not to play ball with our plans…

For all the excitement and anticipation of a trip abroad – trying new foods! Seeing the world! Showing off your new holiday wardrobe! – a little too much time on planes, trains and automobiles can wreak havoc on your skin.

From stifling cabin air to humidity overload when you land, it’s nigh on impossible to keep your skin on the straight and narrow while you travel.

Add late nights, constant sunscreen application and a steady stream of poolside margaritas into the mix, and you’re looking at the perfect skincare storm. 

But there are plenty of easy switches and hacks to keep your skin at its healthiest without having to lug your entire bathroom cabinet with you. Here are our top picks…

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    To tackle the effects of flying

    Commercial air travel is surely one of mankind’s greatest inventions, but boy does your skin pay for it. 

    Cabin air is incredibly dry, lacks humidity (roughly 20% to your skin’s preferred 40%-70%), and the temperature fluctuations aren’t kind to skin, either. 

    And while sheet masks are becoming commonplace on board, you’re still likely to give a fellow passenger a heart attack on the way to the loo. 

    Avoid an in-flight emergency and lock in hydration with Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate instead. It has a double dose of potency plus added actives such as the patented Chronolux™ Technology, which helps support healthy skin cell renewal (leaving skin looking fresher than before).

    Alongside hyaluronic acid, it’ll cosset your skin in a powerful layer of lightweight hydration and targeted renewal.

    That’s a first-class face, thank you very much. 

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    To combat humidity

    It’s a Goldilocks situation: too little humidity harms the skin, but so does too much. 

    And while you’ve been deprived of it on the plane, if you’ve booked somewhere tropical, chances are you’ll walk into a wall of humidity the moment you land.

    Humidity over 70% isn’t just uncomfortable for you – it also causes your sweat production to go into overdrive, clogging pores, exacerbating rosacea and generally turning your make-up into a slippery mess. 

    Be sure you take a facial cleansing tool (try Foreo Luna Play, the perfect size for travel), which does the exfoliation work for you at the end of the day. 

    And as obvious as it might sound, a mini-fan really does help with instant comfort. It’ll stop make-up meltdown, keep your skin feeling fresh and help control those sweaty situations.

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    To help with dehydration

    Hot sun, late nights and alcohol saps the skin of moisture and leads to all sorts of unpleasantness. From a dull complexion to flaking and peeling, it ain’t great for your tan.

    Support your skin’s natural moisture stores by taking a minute to do a mini-facial massage before bed with your Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate you used on the plane. Hurrah for products that are perfect at multiple times!

    Simply dispense a pump or two onto your fingertips, then massage over a clean face, working in light, upward strokes and using the pads of your fingers to lightly tap over any puffy areas. 

    The massage helps to deeply infuse the nourishing serum into your skin, while also increasing blood flow to the area, bringing extra oxygen and nutrients to the surface. 

    If you want to give your skin even more love before you fly, you can book in for a complimentary facial at the airport.

    Swap hanging around in the waiting area for the Estée Lauder counter and you can treat yourself to a 10-minute mini facial to ease the effects of cabin pressure on your skin.

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    To beat the breakouts

    The aforementioned humidity situation, alongside the stifling cabin air and a general laissez-faire attitude towards cleansing on holiday, can lead you straight into a breakout. 

    Keep the worst at bay by adding an extra cool rinse to your nightly face wash. To get an even splash, make sure your hair is up and out the way with a Dock & Bay head wrap (which is also great for lounging poolside).

    Not only will the routine remove any last traces of cleanser from your skin (spoiler alert: even cleanser causes clogging if left on the face), but the cold water temporarily reduces pore dilation, helping to wick away any oil products and keep your skin at its smoothest.

Make sure you shop Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair range, on exclusive offer at Duty Free next time you travel. 

Stock up on Advance Night Repair 100ml as well as exclusive travel sets to prepare for all travel-related beauty dilemmas. 

Pre-order before your next flight to guarantee you find it in stock and pass by the Estée Lauder counter to get your complimentary Travel SOS mini facial at the airport before you fly.