“How long before a holiday should I book a wax or wax myself?”

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If you choose to remove your hair pre-holiday, you’ve probably wondered when the right time is. We asked the experts…

Hair removal is obviously a very personal choice (no pressure or judgment, either way) but if you do choose to get rid, there are a few different options.

Shaving is great, but it requires weekly upkeep and can result in rashes and ingrown hairs. Then there’s sugaring – the natural, less-painful alternative to waxing. And, of course, there’s the failsafe wax – a method that’s been relied upon for years to ensure your skin is completely hair-free. 

If you’re going away on holiday this summer, you’ve probably wondered when the optimum time is to either book a wax or DIY one at home. After all, there are a few factors to consider: when will your hair start to grow back? Will you have a reaction that needs to settle down? Is your skin more sensitive to the sun post-wax? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the above, know that you’re not alone. In fact, they’re questions that are often thrown around the Stylist office at this time of year. So, to settle the score once and for all, we reached out to waxing experts Ejiro Okorodudu and Rosie Khandwala to shed some light on what we really need to know pre-wax. 

How long before a holiday should you book a wax?

“You should always leave at least 48 hours between having a wax and travelling,” advises Okorodudu. “If you have really sensitive skin, booking your appointment at least three days before you travel will give your skin more than enough time to settle from any irritation before being exposed to the sun. The same applies if you are waxing at home.”

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Does waxing make skin more sensitive to the sun?

“Yes it does – if exposed immediately after waxing,” explains Khandwala. “This is due to the skin already being tender, which can make it feel more sore and itchy if exposed to sun.” 

It’s important to stay out of the sun immediately after waxing and always wear an SPF once you’re on holiday or exposed to any UV rays. 

How long do results last for salon and at-home waxing?

OK, so let’s say you’re all booked in and ready to go but you don’t know if you’ll need to take a razor with you on holiday as well. The good news is – unless you’re heading away for longer than a couple of weeks – you’ll probably be fine. 

Waxing and sugaring remove the hair follicle from the root, meaning it will take around three weeks for any hairs to re-grow. If you’re a regular waxer, however, it’s likely you’ll be able to leave it even longer. “One of the benefits of regular waxing is that your re-growth will be finer and more sparse,” says Khandwala. “This means that you can leave it between four to six weeks before needing another wax.”

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