Huda Beauty mascara review: “I was one of the first to try it, here are my honest thoughts”

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After global success with her false lashes, Huda Kattan has finally released her first ever mascara.

When founder Huda Kattan first launched her eponymous brand Huda Beauty, she began with false eyelashes. From there, Huda Beauty blew up, firmly positioned itself as a cult favourite and became a billion-dollar beauty business along the way. It makes sense, then, that Huda’s first ever mascara, Legit Lashes Mascara, £24, is the result of four years of product development. But for a brand known for its iconic lash product, how exactly does a mascara fare? I was one of the first to get my hands on a tube and let me tell you, I was excited. 

The first thing to note about this mascara is that it’s double-ended. Yep, one mascara contains two formulas, allowing you to customise the type of finish you’re after. One side is for volume and definition and its formula contains volumizing fibres. The other helps to length and curl your lashes, thanks to pantented 5mm lengthening fibres.

Kattan recommends beginning with a lash curler, but I only ever dust mine off for special occasions, so I wanted to see how the formula would hold up without them.

Hanna wearing the ‘volume’ side.

I started with the ‘volume’ side (this is my favourite kind of mascara finish) and began to run the unique wand through my lashes. The brush has a slight hourglass-esque shape to it with lots of intertwined bristles. While applying it, I did notice that the thick formula and long length of the brush meant it was easy to accidentally get some of the formula on your eyelids or under your eyes.

The 'volume' wand.

Once it was on, my lashes looked slightly thicker but I would’ve preferred more drama, especially as her lashes are known for their full, fluttery finish. On the plus side, my lashes didn’t feel weighed down.

Hanna wearing the 'lengthen and curl' side.

As for the ‘lengthen and curl’ formula, I was truly surprised. I usually love my lashes to look full and fluttery so I thought I would prefer the ‘volume’ side, but this won me over. The curved brush grabbed onto every single hair along my lash line and swooped them upwards. 

The 'lengthen and curl' wand.

Just one swipe through my lashes left me with a gorgeous curl and my eyelashes were the longest they’ve ever been. 

So much so, the ends of my lashes touched the skin beneath my eyebrows any time I looked up. Even after a full eight-hour day, my lashes remained in the perfect curl without any drooping. 

Hanna wearing the 'lengthen and curl' side.

If you want to go really dramatic with your lashes, Huda recommends pairing the two sides together.

It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into this mascara. Even the design of the sleek black packaging is pentagon shaped – ideal if, like me, your mascara often tends to roll off your make-up table. But the best part? When it comes to removing the mascara, it slides off in one easy swipe. Meaning no panda eyes and no tugging on your eyelids. A win, win.

Images: Huda Beauty/Hanna Ibraheem

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