Ice rolling is the latest skincare craze to help boost radiance and sculpt cheekbones

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Can icing your face help to de-puff, sculpt and contour your skin? Here’s everything you need to know. 

While there are a lot of weird and wonderful beauty hacks out there, only a few really stand the test of time. Icing your skin is one of them. Commonly used in spa treatments, traditional Chinese medicine practices and heralded by celebrities, cold therapy can help to de-puff your face, shrink the look of large pores, tighten and brighten skin. But simply submerging your skin in a sink full of cold water won’t cut it anymore. 

The latest self-care practice gaining traction on the beauty circuit is a technique called ice rolling. Merging the de-puffing effects of facial massage with the radiance-boosting benefits of cold therapy, ice rolling is a technique that aims to brighten, tighten and boost your complexion. And the best news is, you can do it from the comfort of your couch.

But does ice rolling your skin really work? And what steps should you take before trying it? We spoke to cosmetic acupuncturist and celebrity facialist Ada Ooi to get the inside scoop on all things ice rolling.

What are the benefits of ice rolling?

“Cryotherapy uses sub-zero temperature to give a cold shock to the skin, which then sends fresher blood to the targeted area. More blood flow means more oxygen and a richer nutrient delivery, which helps to flush away toxins and reduce water retention,” says Ooi.

“Ice rolling performs an exhilarating ice-cold lymphatic facial that helps to dramatically improve blood circulation, help eliminate toxins and reduce sagging to alleviate a whole host of skin concerns from the core, not just the skin’s surface.”

“This non-invasive trigger kick-starts our skin’s natural healing processes, helping to aid recovery from skin damage caused by internal and external factors. When the ice roller comes into contact with your face, the stark coldness will boost microcirculation, helping to encourage cell growth and collagen production while flushing out toxins.”

How to use an ice roller

While ice rollers are designed to be kept in the fridge or freezer, make sure you wait a few minutes before you use it – as applying anything ice-cold to your skin could result in a cold burn.

Use your roller in a zigzag motion up and down the forehead and along each side of your nose. Roll in upwards motions across your cheeks and under the chin, finishing with your neck. 

The best ice rollers for your skin

While you can use your favourite skincare roller or gua sha, these tools aren’t always designed to be kept in ice-cold temperatures, so may rust when wet. For the best, most-hygienic results it’s better to use a facial roller that’s been designed specifically to be kept in the fridge or freezer. 

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