Jessica Alba reveals the budget products that give her gorgeous hair

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When it comes to desirable A-list hair, Jessica Alba’s is definitely in the top five. There’s the mesmerising bronde colour that no hairdresser can seem to recreate, the always-glossy-never-greasy texture – the fact there doesn’t seem to be a picture in existence where it doesn’t look healthy and nourished.

Now, the 35-year-old actor-come-entrepreneur has brought us a few steps closer to achieving her level of hair greatness by sharing the special regime she credits with keeping her tresses in top shape. The good news: it’s cheap. The bad news: it’s pillow-ruiningly messy.

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At an event in Hawaii to promote her non-toxic lifestyle and beauty line, The Honest Company, Alba revealed she uses two kitchen cupboard staples on her hair.

"My mum told me to always take care of my skin, so I did from a very early age and she taught me to put coconut oil or olive oil on my hair every night," InStyle reports.

Yes, every night.

While slathering hair in olive and coconut oil may give it a hint of Alba’s enviable glow, it’s worth bearing in mind that for anyone who doesn’t sleep lying flat on their back all night, the product will also end up all over their face.

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Though the oils will nourish skin to some extent, it's probably worth plaiting or tying back long hair, especially for skin that tends to be greasy

This isn’t Alba’s only valuable beauty tip. When asked what grooming advice she will pass on to her two daughters Honor, 8, and Haven, 5, with husband Cash Warren, the Sin City star said confidence and kindness are the most important ways to be beautiful.

"It really is more about inner confidence and I want to put more of an emphasis on how they carry themselves and how they treat people. That's always so much more important than physical beauty."


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