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Zara Rain review: Jo Malone’s second perfume collection has just landed

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Just when you thought Zara Beauty, the retailer’s new make-up collection, was going to be its biggest beauty news of the year, Zara Rain arrives with a second set of incredible perfumes designed by none other than Jo Malone.

Remember when Zara first teamed up with Jo Malone to create Zara Emotions, an eight-bottle range of delicious perfumes? Of course you do. You’re probably wearing one right now. It was a groundbreaking move for the high street retailer, funnelling Malone’s iconic expertise into a range of affordable perfumes (and, later, scented candles) that span every fragrance taste, from bold and billowing florals to rich, spicy scents. 

As anyone that spent weeks trying to hunt out a bottle from the Zara Emotions collab can attest, the range was – and still is – wildly successful. So much so, that Zara has decided to team up with Malone once more on a second collection of perfumes which have just gone on sale: Zara Rain.

Unsurprisingly, given its name, this set of scents is inspired by rain. “The beauty of raindrops never fails to delight me, bringing new life and a new beginning,” Malone muses. As such, the fragrances manage to conjure up all the magic of this polarising weather pattern, from the refreshing reprieve of a light shower on a muggy summer’s day to the cosiness of a drizzly winter afternoon.

So what do each of the new perfumes smell like? And more importantly, which one deserves space on your collarbones? Having smelt (and loved) the entire collection, let me walk you through each one which, by the way, come in both 90ml bottles for £25.99 each as well as 10ml vials for £5.99 each.

Rose Petal Drops

Zara Rain Rose Petal Drops perfume
Zara Rain Rose Petal Drops

Despite rose being listed as its headline note, this is nothing like the traditional powdery rose scents of yesteryear; it feels modern and fresh. It’s undeniably sweet (thanks to a rich vanilla base) but not in the slightest bit sickly as there’s also a refreshing fruitiness that comes from lychee and blackcurrant.

Shop Zara Rain Rose Petal Drops at Zara, £25.99 for 90ml

Bergamot & Leather Spritz

Zara Rain Bergamot and Leather Spritz perfume
Zara Rain Bergamot and Leather Spritz

Much heavier than the other three, this scent smells warm, rich and a little bit spicy, like old leather-bound books. It’s the oud accord and amber notes at the base that give it its headiness, but a sprinkle of lavender and iris lend a more relaxing clean feeling.

Shop Zara Rain Bergamot & Leather Spritz at Zara, £25.99 for 90ml

Citrus Meze

Zara Rain Citrus Meze perfume
Zara Rain Citrus Meze

The first note to hit your nostrils when you spray Citrus Meze is a bracing shot of zingy grapefruit. It’s super fresh and energising, but once that initial jolt subsides you’re left with fresh neroli and powdery musk.

Shop Zara Rain Citrus Meze at Zara, £25.99 for 90ml 

Amber & Fig Cashmere

Zara Rain Amber and Fig Cashmere
Zara Rain Amber and Fig Cashmere

With their thick, luscious leaves, fig notes tend to make for extremely green and herbaceous perfumes, but this one has a real creaminess that provides a cosy and comforting feeling. It also has white woods in there, which offer the fresher top note of orange a bit of weight. I have to admit: this one is 100% my favourite.

Shop Zara Rain Amber & Fig Cashmere at Zara, £25.99 for 90ml 

Images: courtesy of Zara.

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