The many faces of Kate Middleton

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Say what you will about Kate Middleton, the girl knows how to handle a press op. Unlike many other members of the Royal family, who seem determined to maintain a stiff upper lip at all times, Kate is happy to allow the full spectrum of emotions be caught on camera.

Throughout her recent tour of New Zealand and Australia, we have seen the Duchess of Cambridge tackle a range of potentially awkward photo calls with grace and charm.

But it's not just in recent months that Kate has shown her ease in front of the lens. Take a look through this photo gallery to see the many faces of Kate Middleton.

  • In children's entertainer mode

    Visiting a children's hospice in her role as charitable ambassador, Kate throws herself into puppeteer duties and looks to be enjoying it as much as the kids.

  • You win some you lose some

    Possibly our all time favourite Kate snap, the Duchess shrugs smugly in the direction of husband William as she beats him in a boat race.

  • A day at the races

    Ever the impassioned spectator, Kate cheers on her horse at a race course as she enjoys a day out with friends.

  • No 'stiff upper lip' here

    On a visit to a local school, Kate cracks out that mega-watt smile and looks a million dollars.

  • Kate does Wimbledon (face)

    Ever the sporting enthusiast, Kate 'oohs' and 'ahhhs' her way through a Wimbledon final - much like the rest of the nation.

  • Wimbledon face

    And here she is again, resigned to a loss from Murray? Well not this year!

  • Awkward face

    We would just love to have been a fly on the wall for this conversation, but we can only hazard a guess at what comment made Kate pull this slightly uncomfortable smile.

  • Oh grate

    Catching your shoe in a grate is an experience many a heel loving woman has endured. But while some of us gracelessly fall to the floor in a ball of disorientation and expletivess, Kate elegantly scoops her shoe out while leaning on husband Will for support.

  • White knuckle hockey viewing

    At the Olympic park, Hockey loving Kate looks enthralled by the game she is watching.

  • 'Don't make eye contact'

    One thing we certainly don't envy Kate Middleton is the constant glare of the cameras, no matter what inappropriate conversation you are encountering. Here, Kate's 'I can't believe they just said that' face - a quick sideways looks and a bit lip and then let's all plead temporary deafness and pretend it never happened!

  • Not cricket

    After husband William threw a cricket ball in the direction of her head during a 'friendly' game last week, Kate gave him a stern (and sweetly mum like) ticking off.

  • 'Enjoying' a boxing match

    Kate's face suggest carnage in the boxing ring as she watches a match back in 2008.

  • Avert eyes, continue smiling

    Another recent great snap, Kate was greeted during her New Zealand tour by a Maori man clad in very little and with his tattooed bum on show. Kate kept her cool, smiled enthusiastically and - somehow - managed to stop herself from ogling aforementioned rear.

  • Sheer delight

    While taking part in the Queen's jubilee tour, Kate got a fit of the giggles and did nothing to conceal the delight on her face.

  • Winner takes it all

    Following her successful boat race win, Kate continues to taunt husband Will with her success. That's our type of girl!

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