Kate Moss reveals her secret beauty trick (and it’ll cost you nothing)

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Susan Devaney
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If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about beauty, it’s Kate Moss. 

After spending over 30 years in the fashion industry, Kate Moss is one of the most famous models in the world – and she’s tried out more than her fair share of unusual beauty tricks and hacks, too.

Her favourite, however, is entirely unexpected, and oh-so-easy to recreate at home without spending a penny: all you need are a few basic ingredients from your kitchen, and your bathroom sink.

“The ice plunge is the best trick,” Moss recently told The Sunday Telegraph

“Fill a sink with ice cubes, cold water and slices of cucumber and hold your face in for as long as you can.”

Why? Well, as Moss explains, the frigid polar plunge “instantly reduces puffiness and tightens up your skin.” And, in a separate interview with Stylist, she adds that it’s the perfect antidote to a late night out, as it “tightens everything making you look and feel instantly awake”. 

“It is a bit Joan Crawford - but it works!” she admits, “but it works!”

Cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen, so the fruit can easily help to cure problem areas. It also has a cooling effect, which helps in soothing and softening the skin.

Kate Moss is unquestionably the most famous model in the world. 

Fellow celebrity and TV presenter Holly Willoughby also swears by a do-it-yourself beauty trick from the comfort of her own home. 

“I got told quite a weird trick by Liz Earle once,” Willoughby previously explained. 

 “She came on This Morning and she made a milk bath for Mother’s Day (I also love the Elemis Skin Nourishing Bath Milk, because I had that in the bath when Dan proposed to me).

“[Liz] got that old school dried milk powder (like your nan used to bring on holiday to out in your tea) and dried rose petals covered in loads of rose and lavender essential oils, and mixed in with the milk powder.

“Then you just take a scoop and put it in your bath to make a milky bath - it’s so soft!”

See you in line with a bag of ice and a cucumber in one hand, and dried milk powder in the other?

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