Lava Lamps Nostalgic Nail Trend

Lava lamp nails are the latest nostalgic 00s trend to sweep Instagram

Melting and globular, here are the six lava lamp nail designs we like best.

The sheer volume of 90s and 00s styles thundering back into fashion seems to prove the point that everything in life is cyclical. We’ve seen butterfly clips, zig-zag partings, messy up-dos, spaghetti straps and ultra-low rise jeans all make their first resurgence, along with spiky buns and baby braids. The well of nostalgia to be mined is deep and we seem to have only just scraped the surface. That said, Rihanna was recently spotted wearing a trucker cap, which does me think we’re about to enter the chaotic evil chapter of the 00s. 

One way we like to hark back to the days of Tamagotchis, Timberlands and furry picture frames is via our nail designs. Specifically, by making them look like the lava lamps we haphazardly placed by our beds or desks. Surprisingly, swirling globs of suspended liquid look intensely stylish when done on the nail – and there’s a plethora of colours and shapes to choose from. (Yes, lava nail tips are a thing.) Here are the six lava-inspired designs we can’t get enough of at the moment. Now, to find my Motorola Razr and bluetooth some ringtones to my mates…

6 lava lamp nail designs to inspire your next mani

  • @hardasnails_studio

    Lava Lamp Nails

    Eye-catching, this contrasting block-colour pairing gives peak Y2K lava lamp vibes. Melting and globular, it’s instantly recognisable.

  • @nailsbysarahjane

    Lava Lamp Nails

    Whether you choose to wear extensions or not, this design uses a nude base to contrast an electric blue pattern. One benefit of a natural colour underlay is that regrowth is less noticeable, extending the wear time until your next appointment. 

  • @imarninails

    Lava Lamp Nails

    Lava lamp nails needn’t be neon or brightly coloured; tonal, monochromatic browns and nudes can create the same melting effect without the colour glare. 

  • @reflectivebeautyx

    Lava Lamp Nails

    One way to keep disparate colours tied together is to paint corresponding digits with the same colour. 

  • @illustrated_nails

    Lava Lamp Nails

    More lava that comes from a volcano than lava lamp, these fire-like tips only extend to the mid-point of the nail. Again, this will make regrowth less noticeable but also feels more versatile than a whole-nail design. 

  • @torimnails

    Lava Lamp Nails

    A macro take on a lava lamp, this simplified design keeps the action to the centre of the nail, working with one continuous drip of colour. 

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